Friday, February 24, 2017

TGIF and last Friday in Feb

TGIF and I hope all are having a great day and a better weekend!!! it is a Spring-like day today and the perfect day to enjoy the outdoors.   I had to do a lot of running around performing personal errands and doing a lil shopping for the weekend. I like to make sure I have the essentials for the weekend.  
In the news, Trump has blocked the media from reporting his CPAC briefing ...It is the start of a dictator here in America!! Trump/Pence need to be IMPEACHED!!!!  And, Bannon needs to be FIRED from his post.  Bannon thinks he is the president in's like the saying you give a person a lil power and they rule the world.  This whole Trump administration needs to GO before this country gets into a drastic situation we can't get out.  One thing this proves....The White Man has NO Clue what to do and should not be in charge of running a business or any entity. And, The White Man wants to deport illegal immigrants but what that really means to deport people who aren't white. 

Ok, I am thru talking about news....Hope all have a Blessed Day and a Fab-tastic Weekend!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thirsty Thursday

Happy Groundshog Day and i hope all are ready for six more weeks of winter!! Just joking!! Actually, I'm hoping for an early Spring but if six more weeks end up being like today then I won't mind. A lovely mild day with lots of sunshine and a cool breeze blowing in the wind.  It almost feels like an Autumn day rather than a winter day.  
And In news today, Trump is just showing us more and more why He is unfit for the job as Commander in Chief.  I wish someone would just IMPEACH this FOOL!!!  
Also, Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting twins!! So, Happy for them as they increase their family.  
Well, I hope all have a Great Day and pay it forward in all that you do today.