Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Idiot Awards

As we count down to the year 2012...I would first like to mention the 2011 Idiots of the Year Awards! And, Believe me 2011 had a lot of Idiots! 

10) Ray "Money Team" J - Just when we thought singer/actor/Kim K leftover, Ray J, couldn't get any more lame, he proved us wrong with his profanity-laced rant about a fight he had with rapper, Fabolous, after the Floyd Mayweather boxing match in Vegas. Ray Ray channeled his inner Tupac, and went off about Fab during a morning radio show interview. But his attempt to appear "gangsta" only made him look even more comical. Brandy... please come get your little brother! 

9) Smart Alec Baldwin - What's more annoying than having to turn off your "electronic device" on a plane? Having your flight delayed because some game-playing prick refused to play by the rules. Alec Baldwin was that prick. He got kicked off an American Airlines flight because he wasn't ready to end his game of Words with Friends.Wah! But what made him an even bigger idiot was how he handled the situation. He blasted the airline and flight attendants on Twitter and even poked fun at them on Saturday Night Live. Make a word out of this, Alec: J-C-A-A-K-S-S.

8) Botox Pageant Mom - I've made it pretty clear how much I despise child beauty pageants, and Kerry Campbell only supports my stance. The San Francisco mother revealed on ABC's Good Morning America that she gives her 8-year-old daughter Botox injections to help her compete in pageants. The segment led to an investigation by child protection services, which reportedly removed the girl from Campbell's home. Congratulations, Campbell! You are now crowned Miss Dumbest Parent! 

7) Bieber Baby Girl - Bieber Fever rose to a whole new degree when "groupie of the year", Mariah Yeater, claimed teen pop star, Justin Bieber, was her baby daddy. Yeater filed a paternity suit against the singer, saying the two had sex backstage following one of his concerts. But Bieber said he never met Yeater, and even agreed to take a paternity test to prove she was lying. Soon afterward, Yeater withdrew her lawsuit. Talk about changing your tune! Baby, Baby, Baby, Noooo!

6) NFL Dope Boy - You can't have an idiots list without a dumb jock! NFL receiver, Sam Hurd, was punted by the Chicago Bears after he was arrested on federal drug charges. Authorities say they busted Hurd trying to buy and sell a boatload of cocaine and marijuana during an undercover sting. Keep in mind, the idiot was signed to a three-year, $5 million contract with a $1 million signing bonus. Maybe Hurd thought the NFL stood for Narcotics & Football League.   

5) Tar Baby Politician - Representative Doug Lamborn of Colorado stuck his foot way up in his mouth when he described being associated with President Obama over the whole debt ceiling debacle was like "Touching a tar baby." Lamborn later apologized to the President (who's Black, you know), saying he was referring to being in a sticky situation, and didn't mean to be racially insensitive. Riiiight. And I didn't mean to include him on this list. 

4) Rapture Pastor - Remember 5/21/2011? Yeah, that was the day the world was supposed to end, according to 89-year-old Florida pastor, Harold Camping (why do Florida pastors keep making this list?). This old man had people scared out of their wits! Folks were quitting their jobs... giving away all their money! And when Camping realized his prediction was wrong (whaaaat?), he was like, 'Oh snap! I meant October 21st!' Sir, I have a better prediction: When you die, you will be remembered as an idiot.   

3) Donald Chump - In an attempt to gain publicity for a possible presidential run, The Donald turned into The Dummy, when the real-estate mogul decided to jump on, push, and pull the "Birther" bandwagon. While most Republicans wanted nothing to do with that birther bull, Mr. Trump proudly led the campaign questioning President Obama's citizenship, and even demanded Obama release his full-length birth certificate. A better question? What's that thing on top of Trump's head? He claims it's his hair, but where's the proof? Show us yo' papers, Donald! Show us the papers! 

2) Anthony Tweet-a-Weiner - New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner, really lived up to his name when he lied about "tweeting" a photo of his crotch to a woman (other than his wife) on Twitter. Weiner initially claimed his account had been hacked, but later confessed to sending the pic and engaging in several other inappropriate "electronic relationships" with women over the last three years. Considered a "rising" star in politics - Weiner quickly resigned from office. Man, what a let down. Literally! 

1) Team Sandusky -  If the child molestation allegations are true, former Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky, really deserves the Sicko of the Year Award. But he and his legal team also make this list because of their response to the charges. It was bad enough Sandusky pretty much incriminated himself during an interview with NBC. But then the idiot did a SECOND interview with the New York Times, that was equally self-incriminating! You're an idiot, Mr. Sandusky, for even speaking out, and your attorney's an idiot for allowing it! Yep, you're definitely headed to the Prison Bowl! Then you can shower with the big boys! 

The People's Choice Award: The people have spoken! And the winner of the very first Idiots of the Year - People's Choice Award goes to............ CONGRESS! Way to go, Congress! You earned it!! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Decor Papers Kit

 Wow, It was glorious day outside today! It felt more like an Autumn or Spring day today rather than Winter! I hope this means we will have a mild winter with little snow...I'll keep my fingers crossed..

Today was kind of a quiet day...I didn't get a lot done because of this beautiful makes one not want to do anything but just take a walk outside enjoying the sights, sounds of Nature. But I did create some a beautiful Kit, or rather, a pack of Decor papers and i must say, They are Extremely Beautiful!! Here is where u can download the Pack of Decor Papers
 You can preview of sample of what some of the papers look like on the side..Not all shown though.

Enjoy and have a Blessed Day!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chessy Love Kit available

A cloudy and rainy day today...The perfect day to just either work at home, surf the Internet, read a book or just sleep the day away!

 Nothing much to say today...But I did create a Brand New Kit titled " Chessy Love" which was inspired by Algera's 'Chequered Love" kit!! I really love her kit and u can find it on her Blog-A link is provided on my Blog in the Header!

Anyway, Here is the link to "Chessy Love" Kit and Enjoy!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Decor papers kit

 A beautiful day outside with the sun shining in the blue skies as an Autumn breeze blows in the wind. i don't really have too much to write today in the Blog but i do have a Freebie Kit! It consists of beautiful decor papers and you can see a preview over to the side. Here is the link to download the Decor Papers

Have a Blessed and Safe day...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Kit "Sweet Baby"

A cloudy, grey day today with a sprinkle of rain. The perfect day to just sleep the day away but I had to get up to take care of some errands.

 I'll keep it short today because my temperament is just like the weather today-Gloomy! But I did create a Brand New Digikit titled "Sweet Baby" and I really love how this Kit turned out! I especially love the Airplane banner Frame! You can see a preview of the Kit contents to the side-not everything is shown though.
 You can download "Sweet Baby" Here, and I hope you enjoy the Kit!! And, remember to leave comments because I love reading them! :-)

Well, I am off to take care of more errands and maybe I may get a nap in some time during the day...Although, It will be night soon.  Have a Blessed Day!