Monday, February 22, 2016

Last Monday in Feb

Hidey Hoo and I hope all had a wonderful weekend and well rested to start a brand new week!! I know I am well rested and ready for this week!! i didn't do to much this past weekend just relax and helped my parents around their house, like clean and teach them a bit about the computer. 
The weather was mild and delightful....just as today's weather is gorgeous!! It feels like a Spring/Autumn  day!! Also, This is the last Monday in February before it is time to move into a New Month!! This year is really flying!! 
I don't feel like writing too much on the blog so I will just say Have a Great Day!! 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday before the Love Weekend

WooHoo, We made it to Friday and time to celebrate the Weekend!! And, This is a special weekend for Lovers since Sunday is Valentine's Day!!! So, Happy Valentine's Day to all the lover's in the world and may you get some lovin in this weekend!! 
As for me, I am still single and not much lovin will be happening with me. But I will be enjoying the chocolate hearts and maybe purchase a bouquet of flowers for myself.  
And, This weekend is my Father's Birthday and the family will be celebrating his born day on Saturday. We will be taking him out to dine and wherever else he may decide to visit since it is his day. 
Well, I hope all have a Great Day and I've got to go take care of some business. Have a Great Day and enjoy Valentine's Day!!! 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thirsty kind of Thursday

Happy Thursday and I hope all are having a Fab-tastic Day!!! And, One more day until the weekend, woohoo!!  Also, This is SuperBowl Weekend and I can't wait to watch the Half-Time show!! Actually, That is the only reason why I watch SuperBowl is for the entertainment show cause I could care less about the football. 
I'm loving this mild weather this week and the melting of the snow. Although, The weather forecasters are predicting cold weather for next week-boohoo!!  I wish Spring would hurry cause I prefer the warm weather over the cold weather. 
Well, I have to go and take care of some business and get dinner for today. I am thinking I will stop at my Fav Eatery to grab dinner.  Anyway, I gotta and hope all have a Blessed Day!!