Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring/Summer Lovely Day

Well, A beautiful day today with the sun shining in the blue skies as a cool, mild breeze blows in the wind. A great day to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and mild temps!!
 As for me, I am having a so-so day today! It seems as though nothing is going my way today!! I feel like I should have just kept myself in the bed today to sleep the day away...Don't you feel like that at times?

 Oh well, I don't want to advertise my problems to the world. I found a nice recipe that I may try today. The recipe is Teriyaki Salmon with Orange and can be found here 

In News today, I really don't feel like posting any news today because nothing interests me today. The only thing I want to do is just sleep the away!! LMAO!
So, on that note, Adios and Have a Blessed Day!!

Oh, But i will tell you one thing that I am excited about...The New Collab kit " Summer in the City" that will be making its' debut on Angel Baby Scraps site tomorrow!!! I can't wait for this Digikit and I will definitely be getting this as soon as it appears available on the site!! If you would like to see a preview of the kit, it is below

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Artrage 3 Lesson 15 - The Stencil Pod

 I am loving the ArtRage software and i thought I would include a tutorial on how to use the stencils in ArtRage. A very helpful and useful tutorial...Enjoy!!

A Kaleidoscope kind of Day

It started out as a cloudy, grey day but as the day went on, The sun shone bright and it turned out to be a lovely day today! A great day to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air, mild temps and warm rays!! 
I managed to get a lot accomplished today...I tended to the garden this morning and I took the photo above of the lovely flower which I turned into a graphic page!! A lovely little page...

Also, I had to take the car to the dealership for an Oil Change and routine maintenance. It was a good thing not   too many people were ahead of me..I was able to zip in and zip out! The kind of service I like!! 

Also, In news today, The victim of the Mauler has been identified. " The victim, identified as 65-year-old Ronald Poppo, a homeless man who lived under the causeway, was in critical condition." according to an article in the USA Today Online edition. I playfully call this the "Zombie are alive in Miami...

In other news, Ex-Rutgers student isn't expected to pass Go or collect $200 but is going straight to jail for spying on his roommate!! " Dharun Ravi appeared in state court to formally put on the record his decision to report to jail Thursday and waive his right not to be punished twice for the same crime." according to an USA Today article.

And, A massive wildfire becomes the largest in New Mexico's history!! The fire destroyed property, homes and a large part of the Gila Forest. "The Gila forest fire is also the largest currently burning in the country. It formed last week when two lightning-sparked blazes merged in an isolated mountainous area in southwestern New Mexico, where it has destroyed about a dozen homes and prompted evacuations of nearby towns and health alerts for some of the state's largest cities." according to an article in the USA Today Online edition.

And, The Belmont Stakes Horse race is set to begin on June 9 and it will also feature tight security around the Barn where the horses will be housed. According to an USA Today article, There will be administrative searches and checks of all equipment, feed, hay etc. No food or beverage for human consumption will be allowed in or around stall space. Veterinarians will have to provide written notice of intended treatment prior to attending to a horse, and all treatments performed by vets will be monitored."

And, For a little entertianment, I created several graphic pages...I am quite proud of how they turned out.. You can check out the pages below..
 Well, I have to go now...and I want to enjoy this lovely day in case it may rain later!! Also, I want to go smell the flowers in the garden 'cause they look so beautiful as I look at them out of the kitchen window. Until then,  Adios and Have a Blessed Day!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New kit coming soon

Hidey Hoo my Fab friends! And, I hope all had a wonderful Memorial day Weekend and prepared to start another work week...or for some of us, We may still be celebrating!!
Well, I am not one of the ones still celebrating-Unfortunately!! But I did have a wonderful weekend enjoying the grilled food, meeting with family and friends!! Always a good time when Love is in the house!!

I have Great News!! A Brand New Collab Digikit titled " Summer in The City" will be making its' debut on June 1 at the Angel Baby Scrap store-woot, woot!! A preview of what is included in the kit is above...It looks to be a Fantastic Collab Digikit!!!An Elements preview is below, as well as, a sample page created with the contents of 'Summer in the City" Collab Digikit! I can't wait until June 1 so I can get my hands on this Collab Digikit!! Hmm, I have a feeling this week will move along at a snails pace..

In other news, I read an interesting article on Homosexualtiy in the Animal World!! If you'd like to read the article, It can be found at the Care2 web site here.
According to the article, The animals are engaging in  “ the behavior because it’s gratifying sexually or it’s sexually pleasurable. They just like it. It doesn’t have any sort of adaptive payoff.” says Paul Vasey, animal behavior professor at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada,
Hmm< So that explains why humans partake in homosexuality....LOL!!

And, It looks as Google is about to embark in the computer world by releasing the Chromebook laptop!! According to an article in USA Today, The popular Chromebook is Faster, Attractive and quick to Boot Up!!
So, You are probably wondering why you haven't heard of the New Google Chromebook? Well, It seems as though
"Those initial Chromebooks were only peddled online. But beginning next month Google will start selling the computers in select physical Best Buy stores in the U.S. as well.
The first Chromebooks were appealing as relatively light, attractive, portable computers that are a breeze to set up and that boot up very quickly. They have good battery life. But there was also at least one critical — some would say fatal — flaw: The computers are largely crippled when you are without access to the Internet. To be sure, we're migrating to a cloud-based era of computing, but folks are still accustomed to installing software and storing stuff internally. Both the Chromebook and Chromebox have 16 gigabytes of internal SSD storage, not very much." according to an article in USA Today.
Well, I have to run and take care of some errands...Plus, I want to get out to enjoy the warm rays of the sun and breathe fresh air...Adios for now and Have a Blessed Day!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

7 tips for using masks and frames in CraftArtist Professional

 I thought I would post this helpful video from DaisyTrail on using Frames and Masks!! I can't always remember bow to use a Mask so I have to refer to the tutorial for assistance. Enjoy and have fun using frames and Masks in your digital layouts..

New Digital Stores and links

Hidey Hoo and I hope all have had a wonderful Holiday weekend!! I know I had a wonderful weekend!!
 Also, I found a cool digital store-Angelbaby Scraps Store-and they have lots of sales and some wonderful and cute kits!!
Also, I found another store-Artisan Scrap store= which has some really nice Digikits and a huge sale going on right now!!

And, I found an interesting Blog-Courtney Blogspot-which has some nice links to various Digital stores and even some freebie kits!!

I have been busy searching the Internet for New and Cool Digikits, as well as, Online stores that have Sales and Freebies!!! Who doesn't love a Freebie!!
Well, I gotta go...It is a Hot and Humid day today but I have to take care of a few errands before night time!! Have a Blessed day and enjoy the rest of the Holiday weekend!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Preakness Celebration Weekend

Ooooh, What a delightful day it is outside with the sun shining in the blue skies as a mild breeze blows in the wind. A great weekend for the Preakness if you know what I mean...and speaking of which, This is the 137th Running of the Horses this Weekend!! If you'd like to see the Preakness Schedule, click here
 I am sure a lot of people will be packing In-Field, Grandstand and Pavilion to see the Horses come running down the home stretch...or maybe they will all be too drunk from Partying and could care less about the Horses!! As some people call the is known as Freakness!!

Well, I am off from work today and TGIF to you all!! I did manage to find some interesting digikits to download and add to my Digikit Collection!! One web site where one can get some really good digikits is Digi-Crea !!! A lovely selection of Digikits can be found at this site...and some are even FREE!!!

 And, Daisytrail web site has come out with an interesting collection called Fairy Tales Collection which I really love!! I really love the Fairy Tales Tea kit and Autumn kit the best. But all five kits are really Gorgeous!!
i won't post News for Today because it is such a lovely day outside...I really want to spend as much time outside enjoying the spring breeze and soaking up the rays of sunshine!!! So, I will say Adios and Have a Blessed day!! And, If you are in the Maryland area and see me at the Preakness, come over to say "Hi!"

Thursday, May 17, 2012

R.I.P. Donna Summer, An American Singer

A lovely Spring day today with the sun shining in the blue skies as a mild, cool breeze blows in the wind. A great day to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and mild temps!!
 It is with a sad heart that i write this post...I read in the USA Today Online edition of the passing of American Singer, Donna Summer!!
 "The five-time Grammy winner, who was still putting out records as recently as last year, died in Englewood, Fla., Thursday after a long battle with cancer. She was 63."

Well, at least Mrs Summer's legacy will live on thru her music!! 
i created the tribute page today in memory of her and I think I did a good job in creating this page!!

In other news, This next story in the USA Today Online Edition made me almost puke!! A customer at an Arby's in Michigan got a little more than roast beef in his sandwich last week when he bit into a piece of a finger, the Jackson Citizen Patriot reports." How disqusting, and I would be totally over myself if i found something like that in my sandwich!! 

And, New safety equpment is about to be installed in Buses because of a New York Bus crash. 
The documents, from the National Transportation Safety Board, come a day after the federal agency that oversees highway safety proposed new anti-rollover equipment on buses and trucks." according to an article in USA Today Online edition. 

And, The results are in for the death of Mary Richardson Kennedy! According to an USA Today Online article, "  The cause of death for Mary Richardson Kennedy, 52, the estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., was death by hanging, according to the medical examiner's office."

It is definitely a sad day with the passing of Donna Summer and Mary Kennedy-My Prayers go out to both of their families, friends and loved ones!! 

As I close this post, I would like to remind everyone that in order to have a healthy and long life...Their are seven choices to be made, and they are What are the healthy habits that his many studies revealed? There are seven: Do not smoke. Drink in moderation. Sleep seven to eight hours. Exercise at least moderately. Eat regular meals. Maintain a moderate weight. Eat breakfast." according to an article in the Catholic Review Online edition.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Blue

A rainy and dreary day today...but we do need the rain though!! I almost felt like sleeping the day away but I had to get up and take care of some errands.

 And, i managed to get a lot done today!! i am so bored at work today...I need some stimulation to get me motivated!! Hmm, I think I'll go get another cuppa of cafe' and I'll make it Black with no cream, Ha, Ha!!! Actually, I hate drinking cafe' unless it is the International Cafe' like Irish Mocha or vanilla.

I created the two graphic pages today..and i really love them! I especially love the Horse Rescue page since I love me some Horses and it benefits the Rescue of Abused and mistreated Horses!! I don't who would want to mistreat a horse? But u have a lot of crazy and "sick" people living in this world!!
Anyway, I have to go take care of some more errands...Oh, WHat a busy day I have today!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fab Friday

Fab Friday and you know what that means...Time for some weekend fun!! I was off from work today and it was kind of a lazy day today. I just milled around the house today....I did manage to go tend the flower garden I had planted several months ago. The flowers are looking quite lovely this year thank to the mild winter..and mild season this year.

 Tonight, I think I may hit up a club and mingle with some cute Hotties tonight!! I need to meet a really cute Hottie to knock me off my feet, Ha, Ha!! Actually, I really don't because I have too many things going on in my life to be worried about a relationship!!

Gotta go tend to some more business..and get ready to hit the Clubs tonight!! Adios for now..

Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Afternoon Delight

A gorgeous day outside with a bit of a cool breeze blowing in the wind. A great day to be outdoors!
 As for me, i had to take an Afternoon Delight earlier in the day and it felt good too!! And, speaking of which, I created a Brand new kit titled "Afternoon Delight" and it is available for download! So, Pop on over and grab it!! It is a lovely kit and I love the cute frames!!  I posted a preview to the side..not everything is shown though.

ANyway, other than that, I had a great day today!!! I got a lot accomplished and was able to get all my errands done before lunch, or rather, my Afternoon Delight time!! :-)

Well, I gotta run...Plus, I want to take advantage of this nice day before it gets night. Adios for now and go Grab that Kit now!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Madonna - Superstar [New Song 2012]

I love Madonna's song "SuperStar" and I feel like Dancing in the Streets!! LOL
It has been a rainy and cloudy day today....the kind of day to just sleep instead of dancing. But I managed to get a lot done errands, drive to the store and I saw a cute cat running around in the backyard. WHen I went to go pat it, The cat ran from me, Ha, Ha!!

Enjoy the rest of the day

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hafa Adai kit

Happy Friday or maybe Happy Saturday since i am kind of late in writing to the Blog!! I had a busy day today with running around taking care of errands, visiting people and I had to go grocery shopping because no food is in the 'fridge or cupboards-wtf?Oh well, I stocked up on plenty so I am for the weekend!

And, I created a lovely Brand New kit titled "Hafa Adai" and it is a lovely kit if I say so myself!!!!! I just love it to pieces..Ha, Ha!!

Anyway, It is getting late and i am getting sleepy..and remember take Hafa Adai to enjoy the beauty of Nature!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

I love this video and the song is Slamming...also it has a surprise ending, Ha, ha!!! Enjoy

Today was a beautiful day then the rains and thunderstorms rolled in later that night. But it didn't last long..That is the good thing about Spring Thunderstorms-they don't last long!!
I managed to get a lot accomplished today and run a few errands. Now, I am so sleepy and i may hit the bed early tonight so I may wake up fresh as a daisy to begin another day with new challenges!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012