Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Kaleidoscope kind of Day

It started out as a cloudy, grey day but as the day went on, The sun shone bright and it turned out to be a lovely day today! A great day to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air, mild temps and warm rays!! 
I managed to get a lot accomplished today...I tended to the garden this morning and I took the photo above of the lovely flower which I turned into a graphic page!! A lovely little page...

Also, I had to take the car to the dealership for an Oil Change and routine maintenance. It was a good thing not   too many people were ahead of me..I was able to zip in and zip out! The kind of service I like!! 

Also, In news today, The victim of the Mauler has been identified. " The victim, identified as 65-year-old Ronald Poppo, a homeless man who lived under the causeway, was in critical condition." according to an article in the USA Today Online edition. I playfully call this the "Zombie are alive in Miami...

In other news, Ex-Rutgers student isn't expected to pass Go or collect $200 but is going straight to jail for spying on his roommate!! " Dharun Ravi appeared in state court to formally put on the record his decision to report to jail Thursday and waive his right not to be punished twice for the same crime." according to an USA Today article.

And, A massive wildfire becomes the largest in New Mexico's history!! The fire destroyed property, homes and a large part of the Gila Forest. "The Gila forest fire is also the largest currently burning in the country. It formed last week when two lightning-sparked blazes merged in an isolated mountainous area in southwestern New Mexico, where it has destroyed about a dozen homes and prompted evacuations of nearby towns and health alerts for some of the state's largest cities." according to an article in the USA Today Online edition.

And, The Belmont Stakes Horse race is set to begin on June 9 and it will also feature tight security around the Barn where the horses will be housed. According to an USA Today article, There will be administrative searches and checks of all equipment, feed, hay etc. No food or beverage for human consumption will be allowed in or around stall space. Veterinarians will have to provide written notice of intended treatment prior to attending to a horse, and all treatments performed by vets will be monitored."

And, For a little entertianment, I created several graphic pages...I am quite proud of how they turned out.. You can check out the pages below..
 Well, I have to go now...and I want to enjoy this lovely day in case it may rain later!! Also, I want to go smell the flowers in the garden 'cause they look so beautiful as I look at them out of the kitchen window. Until then,  Adios and Have a Blessed Day!!

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