Personal (PU)
Scrap For Hire (S4H)/Scrap For Others (S4O)
Commercial use (CU)

1.   For PU/CU/S4o/S4H and Free to use in any way that you like…

2.  Give credit to me, Chicojimj, if you use my graphics (or templates) for layouts or web pages and post them online to galleries or any other place. 

3.  You may alter my graphics or templates to suit your own personal use
as long as you give me credit for the original work.

4.  You may not use my graphics for any obscene, pornographic, or illegal purpose.

5.  Do not resell or redistribute any of my graphics or claim them as your own, whether altered or not.

6.  My graphics, whether free or not, are protected by United States and  international copyright law. 

Please say NO to piracy, it just isn't nice.  If you downloaded my graphics from any place besides my blog or Digital Scrapbooking Studios, please let me know. 

Send me a link to layouts if you want to.  I would
 love to see what you have done.

Thank so much!

Jim Rucker (Chicojimj)

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