Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday Before the 4th

Happy Thursday and I hope all are enjoying the day. Also, This is a long weekend-July 4- here in the good 'ole USA!!! A day we celebrate our independence with Fireworks and Cook-outs!! 
It is a gorgeous day today with lots of sun and a cool breeze blowing in the wind. A great day to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air which is why I will make today's blog short. 
So, Have a Blessed Day and remember to pay it forward in all that you do today. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Bliss

Hello and i hope all are having a wonderful weekend thus far. I am having a relaxing and quiet weekend so far and tomorrow is my Birthday! Although, I am not too excited about seems like birthdays have lost their appeal-at least my birthday has lost its appeal-and seems like just another day.  Don't get me wrong i am grateful to be alive and admiring the beauty of Life!! 
Anyway,  My Brother was suppose to drive up from Virginia to celebrate my B-day but after thinking about it I sent him a text informing to just stay in Virginia since I really don't feel like partying. I never was the party type or going to Clubs.  And besides, My brother can just enjoy and have FUN with his two kids and wife!! 
And, My other brother...He could care less...and his wife could care less even more. She has that Trinidadian personality. 
So, I will be celebrating my birthday alone...which is how I like it. Actually, I'll probably be logged onto the computer surfing the Internet an activity I love to do on most days. 
Well I want to enjoy this beautiful day...and I hope all have a Great Day and pay it forward in all that you do today. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Humpity Hump kind of day

Hump Day Excitement!! 
Hope all are having a Glorious Day and paying it forward in all that you do today. It is a lovely day with lots of sunshine and a warm breeze blowing in the wind. A great day to be outdoors doing outdoor activities. 
It is kind of a chill day for me and just lounging around the house surfing the Internet, checking emails and getting creative with graphic pages.  Also, I received the update for the Serif software and I am loving the NEW Stencils  Punches and other features they've packed into the software!! It is a JOY to work with now. 
I gotta go and take care of some personal errands. So, Have a Blessed Day and be kind to everyone who you meet cause one never knows the struggles they are dealing with in their world. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's day

Happy Father's Day to all the men who support their kids and take time out of their busy lives to spend time with their kids and have a constant impact in their kids' lives. Also, Happy Father's Day to the single Dad's playing dual role and holding it down to keep the family together and happy!!
 Father's play an important role in a child's life, just as a mother does in a kid's life, except men are a son's role model and a daughter's first love interests when it comes to men.
And, Here's a little poem to help celebrate Father's Day and give meaning to what it means to be a Dad!!

Walk alongside me, daddy
and hold my little hand.
I have so many things to learn
that I don’t yet understand.
Teach me things to keep me safe
from dangers every day.
Show me how to do my best
at home, at school, at play.
Every child needs a gentle hand
to guide them as they grow.
So walk alongside me, daddy -
We have a long way to go.

In other news today It is a gorgeous day to be outside with the sun shining in the blue skies as a warm breeze blows in the wind. A great day to go for a bike ride, take a walk in the park or just enjoy Nature's Beauty!! 
 And, The victims of the Orlando night club massacre are being laid to rest....What a tragedy that happened to all those innocent people who were out dancing, partying and having FUN only to be gunned down because of who they were...A senseless act of Hate that didn't have to happen!! 

 Well, I gotta go and enjoy the day and pay homage to my Dad. I sent a homemade Father's Day card to his email and He really liked it!! It brought tears to his eyes!!  I hope all have a Blessed Day and pay it forward in all that you do today. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thirsty Thursday to You

Happy Thurday and what a week it has been, or rather, what a weekend it has been especially in Florida!!In the past five days, the Orlando area has suffered a trio of horrific events: The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. The slaying of a young singing sensation. The disappearance of a 2-year-old boy snatched by an alligator at a Disney hotel.  And, Let's not forget about the event in California where a man had weapons to cause destruction at the Pride Festival in Los Angeles. To read more, click here.
 The child who was dragged into the river by an alligator unfortunately didn't survive the ordeal. To read more, click here. 

To read more on the Orlando Massacre, click here.
 Wow, That is enough sad news to last the whole year...and speaking of year, The year 2016 has started off on a sad note with several celebrity deaths among them are Prince, Vanity and other notable people who have passed away earlier in this year. I just want this year to hurry and pass cause this is one sad year. I'm ready to ring in a New Year with Happiness!!

Well, I am about ready to log off the computer and head outside to enjoy this lovely weather but first I want to leave you with something that inspired me after reading and hope it inspired you as well. Have a Blessed Day and remember to pay it forward in all that you do today.

"We are the sum of experiences that we encounter as we go through life. Day to day struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world's creatures. As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose how to react. Every decision that we make leads us down a different road. We will never come to exactly the same crossroads. Every decision that we make has significance. The tiniest choice that we make reverberates throughout the entire universe."

Monday, June 13, 2016

OMI - Hitchhiker (Cover Art)

Love this song by Omi

Syn Cole - Feel Good [NCS Release]

If you've got the Feeling...I know you are there

The Orlando Tragedy

Well, It was a sad weekend in America-Florida-where a man armed with a gun visited a gay nightclub in Florida and shot all the patrons who were partying and dancing at the Pulse Orlando Club!! After the shooting, It was believed that 50 people had died and many more were injured and sent to nearby hospitals to be treated. It was billed as the most horrific massacre to his American soil this past weekend!!
 The shooter was killed by authorities with many questions still left unanswered, as to why would someone take their lives of innocent people who happened to be Gay/Homosexual?  Some authorities question whether the shooter was unstable mentally or maybe it was religious or a hate crime.....but one thing is for sure, The shooter became enrages at the sight of seeing two men kissing on the streets of Miami in a previous month and his rage manifested until He could no longer hold it in and went on a shooting rampage at the Florida nightclub before being killed himself.
 The shooter's father commented and He described his son as “a very good and well-educated son with a wife and a child.”
    He said: “I am very sad and I’ve announced this to the American people as well. Why did he do this act during this holy month of Ramadan. On the topic of being hamjensbazi, punishment and the things that they do, God will give the punishment."  To read more click here

Also, President Obama made an announcement to the world regarding the Orlando Shooting.
President Obama said the shooting deaths of 50 people at an Orlando nightclub appears to have all the hallmarks of the San Bernardino shooting last December: A terrorism attack inspired by — but not necessarily coordinated with — the Islamic State terror group.
   And like the shooting spree that killed 14 people at a San Bernardino disabilities center, there's no evidence thus far that the Orlando attack was part of a larger plot, Obama said.
    "At this stage we see no clear evidence that he was directed externally," Obama told reporters in the Oval Office Monday. "It does appear that at the last minute he announced allegiance to ISIL, but there's no evidence so far that he was, in fact, directed by ISIL."

It was a sad tragedy that shouldn't have happened and this just reinforced the need for gun control, Mental Health counseling and Religious tolerance here in the States. When will we as a people realize that we all need to get along even with our differences and lifestyle choices? 

Also, In other news, another incident was about to happen at the California Pride Festival before police thwarted it before it got out of hand. Thanks to the California police for acting so swiftly and quell it before it became out of control. 
   i just don't know what to say with all this Hate in America? We need more psychologists to help these people deal with their mental issues cause it's a lot of crazy people wandering the streets in today's world.  I pray that we find Peace before it is too late!! 

On that note, I need to go see what I can get into today. Hope all have a Blessed Monday and stay safe in this crazy world cause you never know what will happen when out in the streets. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Blues on a Gorgeous Day

Happy Monday and i hope all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I know I did but there was some work involved in the yard and garden but I love working in the garden!! I had to plant some tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers in the garden so I can have some veggies to eat this Fall/Autumn. 
Also, Sad news to point out....The Greatest Fighter-Muhammed Ali- passed away this past weekend at a Phoenix Hospital. He will be buried in his hometown of Kentucky this weekend where a week's worth of celebrations are expected to take place in the State. A sad day in American history and Ali was The Greatest!! 
Also In other news, I can't find the words to explain this situation cause I am just so angry at the Court's decision. So I will just leave the link here and let you read the news story. SMH!! 
And, It looks like Hillary Clintons Brother-in-Law is in the news again. 

Hillary Clinton's troubled brother-in-law, Roger Clinton, was busted in southern California Sunday night on suspicion of DUI, just two days before the state's high-stakes primary.

Roger Clinton — who earned the Secret Service codename "Headache" for his antics during President Bill Clinton's administration —posted $15,000 bail Monday morning, records show

 And, Have you noticed the days are getting longer. It doesn't start getting dark until about 8:30 pm in which I am not complaining cause I love the longer days but I don't like the shorter nights. 
 Well, I have to go and see what I can do on this lovely day. Hope all have a Blessed Day and remember to pay it forward in all that you do today. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

1st Weekend of June

Thobelo-that means "How are you" in African. And, I hope everyone is having a Great Day thus far and one more day until the weekend. Well, This was a short work week thanks to last holiday weekend. I'm now complaining though.  Also, This is the first weekend of June....I love the month of June cause it's the start of Summer, and halfway thru the year and my cumpleanos!! 
Anyway, I have a phone interview coming up for next week with a company that I really want to work at and would require me to relocate. I need a change of scenery cause I am getting bored of the scenery I am seeing now. If I don't leave soon, I may go stir-crazy!! LOL 
Anyway, A gorgeous day today even if it is humid. But the sun is shining in the blue skies and that's all that counts cause tomorrow and thru the weekend it is expected to rain. 
Gotta go and see what I can do....Have a Blessed Day and pay it forward in all that you do today.