Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's day

Happy Father's Day to all the men who support their kids and take time out of their busy lives to spend time with their kids and have a constant impact in their kids' lives. Also, Happy Father's Day to the single Dad's playing dual role and holding it down to keep the family together and happy!!
 Father's play an important role in a child's life, just as a mother does in a kid's life, except men are a son's role model and a daughter's first love interests when it comes to men.
And, Here's a little poem to help celebrate Father's Day and give meaning to what it means to be a Dad!!

Walk alongside me, daddy
and hold my little hand.
I have so many things to learn
that I don’t yet understand.
Teach me things to keep me safe
from dangers every day.
Show me how to do my best
at home, at school, at play.
Every child needs a gentle hand
to guide them as they grow.
So walk alongside me, daddy -
We have a long way to go.

In other news today It is a gorgeous day to be outside with the sun shining in the blue skies as a warm breeze blows in the wind. A great day to go for a bike ride, take a walk in the park or just enjoy Nature's Beauty!! 
 And, The victims of the Orlando night club massacre are being laid to rest....What a tragedy that happened to all those innocent people who were out dancing, partying and having FUN only to be gunned down because of who they were...A senseless act of Hate that didn't have to happen!! 

 Well, I gotta go and enjoy the day and pay homage to my Dad. I sent a homemade Father's Day card to his email and He really liked it!! It brought tears to his eyes!!  I hope all have a Blessed Day and pay it forward in all that you do today. 

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