Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Celebrate the Luv kit

Hidey Hoo my fab friends and I have a treat for you all...I have a Brand New Kit titled "Celebrate the Luv" and it is available for download to have a play!!!

it is a lovely kit with some gorgeous papers!! I love the unique frames that I have created for this kit!! This kit is great for wedding, Anniversary and love layouts!! Well, I am thru talking and Go Grab that Kit so I can see all of your lovely pages and remember to have FUN!!

And, We were hit pretty hard with the first hurricane of the season! not that i want to go thru another hurricane cause it was frightening yet exciting!! I guess you might say the Lord knows how to keep life interesting!!! Anyway, We really didn't the brunt of the storm...although it felt like it with fierce winds and pounding rains! And, When the Hurricane made landfall it was upgraded to Tropical Cyclone!!
Anyway, New York and New Jersey were the hardest hit by the storm that made the record books. It caused major flooding in the subway tunnels of NY and in some places, whole cities were underwater, such as Chincoteague, Va. It was a total mess when the storm left and in the morning light, that is when the destruction was seen and the cleanup began...It will take a couple of weeks before all is back to normal.

also, Early voting has started this week and I am about to go cast my vote!! I am sure it is pretty obvious as to who I am voting for but in case you don't know..Here is a hint: "Yes, We Can!!" HeHe

Enough about politics...I created some lovely art pages in which you can view below this post. I just love creating art if I can only find a way to get paid at doing what I love?!

Gotta go and I can't wait to see all of your pages....and Have Fun!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Caribbeans Dreams Kit

Hidey Hoo and i have created a Brand New kit titled "Caribbean Dreams" and you can download it here.

This is really a lovely and colorful kit...and everything is hand painted too!!  I can't wait to see the pages you create with this kit and Have fun!!

Also, I am getting everything prepared for when Sandy  unleashes its furor along the northeast corridor.  I hope it doesn't cause that much damage especially I pray that we don't lose power outtages!! I hate to be without electricity!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Ellefe Kit download

A Brand New Kit titled "Ellefe" and you can grab it here...Enjoy and I can't wait to your pages!!

Friday's calm before the storm

Happy Friday and everyone and I hope it is a Sexy one too!! I know I am having a sexy friday!!! Also, I managed to take care of some business and run a few errands during the day. I am preparing for this storm the weather forecasters are predicting for this weekend. I have a feeling we will get nothing but rain and LOTS OF RAIN!!
If you'd like to read more on the storm, Here is the link to read on USA Today Online edition.

 I am thinking Carolina's and the South will be hit the hardest and as the storm travels up the coast, The storm will weaken a bit bringing rain and wind. That is my prediction for how this storm will play out..

Also, I managed to create some lovely art pages and I found some nice Freebies as i was surfing the Web. I would post the link but I forgot which sites I found the freebies since I was Googling and surfing the web with no real purpose.

Well, Time to go see what kind of trouble I can get myself into in this being the start of the weekend-woot, woot!!  I hope all Have a Blessed and Safe Weekend...and don't go out to much in the storm!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cloudy Thursday

What a difference a day makes at least when it comes to this weather...Yesterday's sun and mild temps gave way to today's Cool, cloudy and grey skies!!

 Also, i managed to create a Brand New Kit titled "Coffairy" and it is  a lovely kit. You can see a preview of the kit to the side and not everything is shown. I can't wait to see the pages you create with this kit and have FUN!!

Also, I made some art pages as well and you can view those below this post. I hope you like my pages because I love creating them!!

Nothing to talk about in the news, or rather, nothing I care to talk about other than I can't wait for the Election to be over!! I am so confused as to who I should vote for?

I won't write too much since I have to go run some errands...Have a Beautiful Day..

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Funday

Hidey Hoo and I hope all are having a wonderful Sunday or weekend! I know I am having a wonderful day and I managed to create a Brand New kit titled "Around the Neighborhood!" You can download the kit here.

You can see a preview of what it is in the kit off to the side..and not everything is shown in the preview. I hope you enjoy the kit and I can't wait to see your pages u create with this lovely kit!! But the most important thing is to have fun and be Creative!!

I posted some other art pages that I created with a various kits that I have collected and downloaded from other blogs and web sites. Enjoy and Have a Blessed Day!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

WooHoo it's Friday

WooHoo it's Friday and the weekend can't be too far behind!! I don't have any plans for this weekend but then again, My schedule is like the just blows wherever it wants to!  But I do know one thing, It was a terrible Thunderstorm last night as the Thunder roared..It seems as though these thunderstorms are getting more fierce than in days past! But once the morning came, The rain disappeared and the sun made an appearance during the day. So, It turned out to be a nice Autumn day with cool breezes!! 

I managed to a lot accomplished today. I had to drive over to the Bank to deposit some funds, then did a little grocery shopping and I managed to take a couple of pics of various scenic places in which I will be creating an Art  page to post on the social sites and Blog. And speaking of which, I managed to find a Free Alpha set on Facebook!! it is a halloween type alpha and even included eyes!! Also, I see a lot of Freebies on people's Facebook walls!! U have to like their FB page in order to get the Freebit mini kit or whatever..and I see a lot of Blog Trains in which I love cause you can grab a lot of Freebies to create one Huge Digikit!! 

I created a bunch of art pages in which you can view on the Blog!! I hope you ike them...

I don't want to write too much on the Blog since I want to enjoy the rest of the day. So, Until then,  Have a Blessed day and Be kind to everyone!!