Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Funday

Hidey Hoo and Happy Sunday Funday to everyone!! I hope all are having a wonderful day and having an enjoyable, relaxing day today....and if you have to work on this Holiday weekend, are making the most of it...

It is a cloudy, dreary day today and looks as though it may rain later this evening. But so far, It is just cloudy and breeze..It feels like an Autumn Day!!

 I managed to create some art pages with a couple of photos and did some errands, as well as, household chores. Life sure does find things for one to do...which I am glad because I hate being bored!! i like to be doing something rather than just sitting around staring at the walls of my house. I hate to be caged up too...I have to be free like a bird to come and go as I please...

 Well, I am not going to write too much in the Blog today...I have a lot things to take care of and I have to go purchase a birthday gift for my niece...her birthday is this month. I have to go spend some money and I am sure I will be spending a lot of money..and not just on her!! HeHe

 Anyway, Enjoy the Art pages and I hope all have a Blessed and Safe Day today. Oh, and don't forget to go Register to Vote since this is an Election year here in the United States!!! We want the Best Man to Win the seat of the President of The United States!!!

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