Friday, October 5, 2012

Fab Friday and Looong Weekend

Fab Friday and a Hidey Hoo to all....and I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday thus far!! And, This is a Looooooooong Holiday weekend coming up as we celebrate Columbus Day-woot, woot!!!

Also, I posted an article on site informing of several events that are happening this weekend in the Md/DC area. You can check out the events here. 

Also, I managed to do some errands today and finish up on some household chores, such as vacuuming the carpets in the living room, bedroom etc. and I had to do a little shopping. I have to buy several gifts for a few upcoming birthdays this month.  Life sure can keep one busy...But I am not complaining cause I love it when I stay BUSY!!

And, I found some cute Digikits!! you can grab here

Well, It is such a nice day outside that I don't feel like wasting it sitting at the computer. So, I hope all have a wonderful weekend and Be Blessed!! Oh, and also enjoy the lovely art pages above and below this post...

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