Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday's Child

A cloudy, grey and rainy day today...The kind of day to just sleep, surf the internet, read a book or eat all day. 
I didn't feel like getting out of bed today but I had to do some errands, such as household chores; a little yard work even though it is raining and I had to drive out to the store to purchase a few items. Also, I stopped past the grocery store to purchase dinner as well. 
And, When I returned home, I even had time to hunt around for some freebie digikits. Also, I found out an Online Store is going out of business and all of the digikits are FREE!! That is right you read it right...FREE!! Here is the link to snag the freebie kits.

Also, I created some lovely Art pages to post on the social sites and Blog. You can view the pages above and below this post. 
Well, With that said, I have to go take care of some more errands. Until then, Have a Blessed Day and enjoy the rest of the evening....

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