Friday, October 19, 2012

WooHoo it's Friday

WooHoo it's Friday and the weekend can't be too far behind!! I don't have any plans for this weekend but then again, My schedule is like the just blows wherever it wants to!  But I do know one thing, It was a terrible Thunderstorm last night as the Thunder roared..It seems as though these thunderstorms are getting more fierce than in days past! But once the morning came, The rain disappeared and the sun made an appearance during the day. So, It turned out to be a nice Autumn day with cool breezes!! 

I managed to a lot accomplished today. I had to drive over to the Bank to deposit some funds, then did a little grocery shopping and I managed to take a couple of pics of various scenic places in which I will be creating an Art  page to post on the social sites and Blog. And speaking of which, I managed to find a Free Alpha set on Facebook!! it is a halloween type alpha and even included eyes!! Also, I see a lot of Freebies on people's Facebook walls!! U have to like their FB page in order to get the Freebit mini kit or whatever..and I see a lot of Blog Trains in which I love cause you can grab a lot of Freebies to create one Huge Digikit!! 

I created a bunch of art pages in which you can view on the Blog!! I hope you ike them...

I don't want to write too much on the Blog since I want to enjoy the rest of the day. So, Until then,  Have a Blessed day and Be kind to everyone!! 

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