Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Kaleidoscope kind of a day

A grey and cloudy day today with a sprinkle of rain falling from the sky. The rain didn't last long before the sun came back out for the evening and lasted until night befell upon the Earth.

 I read an interesting article posted in the Washington Post Online edition. It states that " When my mother passed away, my wife, my cousin and I went to go through her things. I remember picking up this photo album, and all these photos fell out. I was in some of them, but really, I had no idea who all these people were. There were no names, no identifiers, no dates, no places. Nothing. My mother and father had divorced when I was very young, and I’d grown up mostly with my father’s family, so I had so many questions. I just stood there, realizing how much history I’d lost — how much of my personal history was beyond my reach."

Also, Halloween is right around the corner! I found some interesting recipes to try with the Pumpkin after you carve out. I may have to try these here to view Pumpkin recipes

  Lego man washes ashore on a Florida Beach...and it is not a business promotion from Legoland. According to an article in the Online edition of Washington Post, " When a giant Lego figurine washed up on the shore of Siesta Key Beach, some thought it was a viral marketing stunt from Legoland. Instead, a Dutch artist might be behind the eight-foot-tall, 100-pound fiberglass man that has baffled and bemused Floridians. The Lego Man’s shirt bears the cryptic message “NO REAL THAN YOU ARE.” It was discovered by a man taking a Tuesday-morning walk on the beach."

  According to an article in Online edition of Washington Post, The article reads " When Bruce Wood’s father was dying 30 years ago, he told his son: “You’re the smart one. I want you to do something about cleaning up this bay.” Two decades later, Wood began to fulfill the promise of restoring the Chesapeake’s waters. His mode of choice: oysters."
    “These oysters are unbelievable. The cup on them is just amazing.” With that, she slurped one down and nodded. “They are all about the texture and the feel in the mouth. Creamy and meaty, with just a tiny bit of salt.”

   An interesting article in the Washington Post about a man who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and now offers advice to other hikers. A portion of the article reads " Still, he’s humble. He doesn’t mind explaining the ins and outs of trail life to naive newcomers like, say, some hypothetical person who might have the audacity to think she can walk in his trail runners. Were such an urbanite to tackle such a 30-mile backcountry hike, Augie would have to be firm. He might, for example, begin by plowing through the novice’s backpack. “You won’t need this, you won’t need this,” he might say, shoving aside a down sleeping bag, the extra freeze-dried meal. He might hand her his own, lighter-weight sleeping bag (he’ll use an even thinner sleeping bag liner himself). He might then chide her for the large size of her now nearly empty pack, he might quickly repack it “properly” with straps cinched perfectly, and tent stakes and water bottle on the outside. He might take off up a hill that leaves her panting for breath and wondering, 10 minutes into the hike, how she will survive 74 hours in his lithe shadow. He might; she might."

And, The Trial of the Century continues with Michael Jackson's doctor. An article in USA Today states that the doctors patients testified in court on the doctor's behalf.  The article states that
 "Five former heart patients of Michael Jackson's $150,000-a-month personal doctor praised him at his homicide trial Wednesday as capable, caring and anything but greedy.
    But prosecutor David Walgren sought to score points against defendant Conrad Murray in scathing cross-examination of the defense witnesses. Walgren attempted to show they were biased and that Murray's care of Jackson was far lower in quality than how he treated them."

And, The verdict is in on how Singer Amy Winehouse died. According to an article in the USA Today Online edition, A report from " Coroner Suzanne Greenaway gave a verdict of "death by misadventure," saying the singer died of accidental alcohol poisoning. "The unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels (of alcohol) was her sudden and unexpected death," Greenaway said."

joel osteen National Pastor joins hands with America's Churches! According to an article in the Christian Post Online edition, " Joel Osteen, the pastor of Houston's Lakewood Church, hopes his fame will put a face on the nation's Christian community. The New York Times bestselling author is leading Lakewood's Champions Network, a national network that helps Christians find churches in their area."

"I feel like God said 'Joel, go connect with other pastors and get people into good, Bible-based churches,’" he said Monday at a Champions Network meeting in Washington, D.C. "I'm trying to throw a wide net of hope and catch people flipping through the channels unaware of Christ."

According to an article in the NY Times Online edition, A study reveals why its hard to keep the weight off in some people. "For years, studies of obesity have found that soon after fat people lost weight, their metabolism slowed and they experienced hormonal changes that increased their appetites. Scientists hypothesized that these biological changes could explain why most obese dieters quickly gained back much of what they had so painfully lost."

  According to an article in the NY Times Online edition, Fennel fills in for salads in Fall.  " THOUGH the colorful salads of summer (remember tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers?) are justly loved, a salad in autumn — or any cold season — is a thrill. Leafy salads have their place, yes, but so do salads with no leaves or minimal leaves. Cooked vegetables make fine salads this time of year, bathed with oil and vinegar. Think beets, potatoes, carrots, artichokes. But raw vegetables can make salads that are fresh and crisp."

Well, Time to head outside to enjoy what's left of the daylight. Plus, I have to do a little grocery shopping and get ready for my Out of Town drive this weekend. I have been invited to Birthday party at a Rollerskating Rink...nevermind that I haven't roller skated in years! LOL!   So, I'll be putting my "Old Self" in a pair of roller skates for the first time..It should be Interesting! :-) Until next time, Be Safe and a Have a Glorious Day!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cloudy, bizmal day

A grey and cloudy day today. The kind of day to just lie in the bed and daydream, read a book or watch a movie on a portable device.  But I had to wake up to get a couple of things done before coming back home. I managed to clean the house a bit, tidy up the yard and put up a few Halloween decorations to make the place festive. I am starting to get into the Halloween mood!

In good news today, Millions volunteer on make a difference day! " They were all part of a wave of volunteering Saturday, as an estimated 3 million Americans rolled up their sleeves on the nation's largest single day of service, Make A Difference Day," according to an article in the Online edition of USA Today
And, An historic Carousel has a New home in Brooklyn Park! " One afternoon in early autumn, just about everybody seemed enthralled by the rise and fall of the 48 hand-carved wooden horses as they rode in circles over and over in Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was mostly young children emerging from nap time with their mothers, but even some hipsters in skinny jeans and Ray-Ban Wayfarers decided to stop and take a ride, hanging their heads back and grinning as they went." according to an article in USA Today

And, Some supermarkets are refusing to sell the new brand of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream! According to an article in the Christian Post,  " Ben & Jerry’s new flavor of ice cream is getting a chilly response from retailers. Some supermarkets are now refusing to carry its latest spoon bender, “Schweddy Balls.”  The Vermont-based company, known for carrying ice cream flavors with unusual names released the product in September and has been met with broad criticism. The name is a reference to a Saturday Night Live skit featuring Alec Baldwin."

And, That man who made the remark that the end of the world is approaching, and the date was October 21, is back in the news. This time a campaign " ' Fool Me Once' blames Harold Camping, Christianity for deceit." The Campaign insists on doing this " “Instead of worrying about the unknown and unprovable, wasting time, money and energy in speculating over the nonexistent: ‘Make this world better.’” According to an article in the Christian Post.

And, " Pastor and bestselling author Rick Warren will be joined by three renowned doctors, including cardio surgeon and TV show host Dr. Mehmet Oz, for a health conference and rally to be webcast live from Saddleback Church Saturday morning." according to an article in the Christian Post

That is it for today..I have to go run a few more errands before night time. Plus, I have to decide what to fix for dinner? I am thinking of visiting my favorite restaurant Tokyo Grill and dining in to sample all the delicious   meals on the menu-Yum! But I never know where I may go to eat...It all ends up which way the car, and the wallet, take me! LOL! So, We will see on my dinner adventure!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

2NEI "IDon't Care" ~ "Fire"

Girls' Generation 소녀시대_Way to go(힘 내!)_MUSIC VIDEO

A Cool Crisp Day

The weather outside is cool and breezy but after I had my first cup of java, It warmed my insides a bit. it is starting to feel like Autumn has arrived..and soon Winter will be upon us. I am dreading the snow but I am praying for a mild winter.
  Today, I had a lot of errands to do...running around to the store, picking up food for the animals and dropping off mail at the post office. Plus, i had to take the car in for maintenance, and they gave me a loaner car to conduct my business around town.

And,, In news today, several of the animals in Ohio were spared from death, thank goodness! According to an article in USA Today, " Three leopards, two monkeys and a grizzly bear that survived the intentional release and subsequent killing of exotic animals here this week could be returned to the family farm where they lived in captivity before the suicide of their owner, law enforcement and zoo officials say."

In other news, The first Airplane to revolutionize the Airline industry is about to take off! The Dreamliner is about to take flight, and according to an USA Today article " On Wednesday, the world's first jet to be made mostly of carbon fiber, instead of traditional aluminum and steel, will carry passengers for the first time when Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways (ANA) flies from Tokyo to Hong Kong with 264 travelers on board."

And, Murdoch company war ordered to pay for the hacking of a teenage girl's phone. According to an USA Today article "The reports earlier this year that journalists for News of the World had hacked into the phone mail of 13-year-old Milly triggered an outrage in the British public and has led to criminal and parliamentary inquiries into the practices of the Murdoch properties."

In Health news, If you are still wondering whether your cellphone poses a risk for getting Cancer, Don't worry, because Authorities found no link to prove that Cancer is caused by cellphones. According to an USA Today article;" The biggest study ever to examine the possible connection between cellphones and cancer found no evidence of any link, suggesting that billions of people who are rarely more than a few inches from their phones have no special health concerns."

In positive news today, The Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial was held in Washington, DC and tend of thousands of people came out to pay tribute and to view the beautiful Memorial, as well as, a host of celebrities and the Late King's family.  According to an article in, " The dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial brought tens of thousands out to honor the rich legacy of Dr. King on Sunday, October 16th in Washington, DC."

Also, Check out the Brand New kit titled " Dining to Eat" as well as other kits available for download on the Blog. And, on that note, I need to log off the computer and get back to work..until next time, Have a Blessed day and a Great Weekend!! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Ho Hum Day

A Ho Hum kind of day today. 
Well, I made a Brand New Kit titled " Dining to Eat" and it is a lovely kit too! You can download the kit here.
I hope you enjoy the kit and looking forward to seeing what you create! 

I really don't feel like posting in today's Blog. It is such a nice day outside and I want to take advantage of this cool weather before night falls and I will be in the bed. 

So Adios my friends and have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Dreary day today

A dreary day today with periods of rain. The perfect day to just lie in the bed, surf the Internet or watch movie. But I had to get up and run errands today so no sleeping for me!

 I found this photo of a Hot Dog on the Internet and thought it was so cute! I love those wiener dogs! LOL! Anyway, It is sad news about the animals that were released from a sanctuary in Ohio. I wonder why did the Owner release the animals and then kill himself? I read in an article He couldn't obtain a permit or something? According to an article in USA Today,
     " Sheriff's deputies shot nearly 50 lions, tigers and other wild animals and say they've accounted for all but one monkey after the owner of a private farm released dozens of animals from their cages then shot and killed himself."

And, according to an article in USA Today, People are taking more antidepressant medications to treat depression. It reads that, " The analysis of 2005-2008 data from the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys also showed that antidepressants are the third most common prescription drug taken by Americans of all ages and the most frequently used by those aged 18 to 44."

And, Lindsay Lohan is back in the news AGAIN! Lohan " returned to court today in Los Angeles for a progress report and wound up being handcuffed and led away from the courtroom by sheriff's deputies." Personally, I believe Lindsey thinks she is above the law just because she's famous. I think she should serve jail time just as any one else would no matter whether she is an actress or Famous!

Well, Halloween is almost upon us, and i haven't got the slight chance of what costume to wear? I was thinking of just not dressing up this year and seeing what the kids dress up when they knock on the door for treats. Hmm, Maybe I may give them a Trick instead of a Treat! LOL
I know it is not Halloween yet, but I wanted to leave you with a Folk Tale of yore "Bloody Mary"
Enjoy, and have a Blessed Week! 

" She lived deep in the forest in a tiny cottage and sold herbal remedies for a living. Folks living in the town nearby called her Bloody Mary, and said she was a witch. None dared cross the old crone for fear that their cows would go dry, their food-stores rot away before winter, their children take sick of fever, or any number of terrible things that an angry witch could do to her neighbors.
Then the little girls in the village began to disappear, one by one. No one could find out where they had gone. Grief-stricken families searched the woods, the local buildings, and all the houses and barns, but there was no sign of the missing girls. A few brave souls even went to Bloody Mary's home in the woods to see if the witch had taken the girls, but she denied any knowledge of the disappearances. Still, it was noted that her haggard appearance had changed. She looked younger, more attractive. The neighbors were suspicious, but they could find no proof that the witch had taken their young ones.
Then came the night when the daughter of the miller rose from her bed and walked outside, following an enchanted sound no one else could hear. The miller's wife had a toothache and was sitting up in the kitchen treating the tooth with an herbal remedy when her daughter left the house. She screamed for her husband and followed the girl out of the door. The miller came running in his nightshirt. Together, they tried to restrain the girl, but she kept breaking away from them and heading out of town.
The desperate cries of the miller and his wife woke the neighbors. They came to assist the frantic couple. Suddenly, a sharp-eyed farmer gave a shout and pointed towards a strange light at the edge of the woods. A few townsmen followed him out into the field and saw Bloody Mary standing beside a large oak tree, holding a magic wand that was pointed towards the miller's house. She was glowing with an unearthly light as she set her evil spell upon the miller's daughter.
The townsmen grabbed their guns and their pitchforks and ran toward the witch. When she heard the commotion, Bloody Mary broke off her spell and fled back into the woods. The far-sighted farmer had loaded his gun with silver bullets in case the witch ever came after his daughter. Now he took aim and shot at her. The bullet hit Bloody Mary in the hip and she fell to the ground. The angry townsmen leapt upon her and carried her back into the field, where they built a huge bonfire and burned her at the stake.
As she burned, Bloody Mary screamed a curse at the villagers. If anyone mentioned her name aloud before a mirror, she would send her spirit to revenge herself upon them for her terrible death. When she was dead, the villagers went to the house in the wood and found the unmarked graves of the little girls the evil witch had murdered. She had used their blood to make her young again.
From that day to this, anyone foolish enough to chant Bloody Mary's name three times before a darkened mirror will summon the vengeful spirit of the witch. It is said that she will tear their bodies to pieces and rip their souls from their mutilated bodies. The souls of these unfortunate ones will burn in torment as Bloody Mary once was burned, and they will be trapped forever in the mirror."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Calm before the Storm, or rather, Rain

It is the calm before the storm, or rather, the Rain! The weather forecasters are calling for All Day Rain tomorrow? Hmm, It sounds like the perfect day to just sleep!
Anyway, as for today, Nothing much to write about...just a simple, quiet day (just the way I like it) Sometimes one needs a little simplicity in one's life. It keeps you sane. :-)
I did manage to create a Beautiful digikit today-preview pix above-titled " Just Chicken." It is a lovely kit and I really like how the Frames turned out! You can download the " Just Chicken Kit here 

And, I am in the process of working on another kit titled 'Dining to Eat" so keep checking the blog. I never know when I may post the kit. I am in such a creative spirit these days!

Enjoy the kit and keep a look out for "Dining to Eat" kit in a couple of days. Have a Blessed Day,

Oh, and did you notice the New Design for my Blog? Yep, I wanted to change things up a bit...Change is good right!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Indian Summer

Another beautiful day outside! These past couple of days have been feeling a little like Indian Summer! I hope we have a mild winter this year because I dread the thought of snow and cold, frigid temps!

Anyway, I am off from work since this is a Holiday=Columbus Day! The Official day is really Wednesday but here in America we celebrate it today thereby giving most people a three day weekend-woo, hoo!  And, I have created a Brand New Digikit titled, " Escarabajo" and I really like this Kit! A preview of some of the contents can be seen in the photo above. You can download the kit here
I hope you enjoy the Kit and feel free to leave a Thank you on the Blog! I hate it when people just Grab 'N Go. It doesn't take much to leave a nice comment or leave an appreciation.

In good news today, Stocks have risen on the good European News-Yippee! So, I guess the recession has ended-I hope? According to an article in the USA Today:  
"  Stocks rose sharply in the U.S. and Europe Monday after French and German leaders promised to strengthen European banks. The Dow Jones industrial average jumped 275 points, led by Bank of America. The euro rose against the dollar."

And, I am still waiting for Facebook to launch its' New Timeline Profile? It should have been released last Thursday but was delayed by what I believe a looming court case in the background with don't know?  But they are saying once Facebook introduces the New Timeline feature to the masses, You will never want to leave the social site! 
According to a " SocialBeat" article: 
    With Timeline, Facebook is succeeding where so many other web companies have failed: It has created a technology with real emotional power."
     This innocuous social web tool had just made a powerful and convincing bid for more than my information or my time. Facebook was grasping at my emotions by way of my memories, and it was doing a damn good job."

Well, I think I'll go outside to enjoy this beautiful weather. It is much to nice to be sitting at a computer. :-) Until next time, Adios and Tengan un buen dia!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beautiful Day today

A beautiful day outside with the sun shining in the blue skies as a cool breeze blows in the wind. A great day to be outside enjoying the cool breezes and warm rays.
I woke up really early today like around Noon to perform errands, update social media status and do odds and ends items. It is really a Beautiful day outside..and a great day to get out and enjoy the fresh air!

 In the latest news...Zsa Zsa Gabor was rushed to a hospital in California. According to an article in the USA Today Online edition: "  Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband says she is doing better hours after she lost consciousness at her Los Angeles-area mansion and was rushed to a hospital."

And, The case of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's doctor is still going on in the California court house. According to an USA Today article:  "Two days after Jackson's death, Murray told Los AngelesPolice Department Detectives Orlando Martinez andScott Smith that he gave a pleading Jackson a minimal, 25-milligram IV infusion of propofol — the sleep aid Jackson called his "milk" — at about 10:40 a.m."

And, in somewhat of good news regarding Michael Jackson, his kids closed a tribute to their late father. And from what I read, It was a memorable scene. According to an USA Today article  
"But on Saturday, some members of the Jackson family hosted the "Michael Forever" tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales. Jackson's kids -- Prince, 14, Paris, 13 and "Blanket", 9 -- appeared on stage briefly during Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough. "

And, The Columbus Day Parade is about to begin...Here is the schedule for the events

  • October 9th : 9:30 a.m. (Parade starts at 2 p.m.)
  • Price:
  • Venue:
    Little Italy
    High Street and Stiles Street , Baltimore , MD ,21202
  • Description:
    Little Italy's Columbus Day Celebration includes an opening ceremony, a wreath-laying ceremony and a parade.
    9:30 a.m.: Opening ceremony, Columbus Piazza in Little Italy (President Street)
    10 a.m.: Wreath-laying ceremony, Columbus Piazza
    11 a.m.-1 p.m.: Brunch at Della Notte (for ticket holders)
    11:30 a.m.: Mass at St. Leo Church
    2 p.m.: Parade (route: starts at corner of Key Highway and Light Street, right onto Pratt Street, continues down Pratt Street to Columbus Piazza on President Street)

    The Harvest Fall Festival is about ot begin..The schedule is published in

Monday, October 3, 2011

Damp and Dreary day today

A damp and dreary day today with the rain coming down steady and the cold air nipping at one's nose. The perfect day for sleeping the day away! But I had to get up to run errands during the day and take care of some other business. 
I managed to create a Digikit today! I was feeling in the mood for Halloween so this kit is to create some lovely scary and spooky pages for the ghost day. The Kit is titled, " Hallows Eve" and you can download it here

Well, I guess the Big News for today...Amanda Knox leaves Prison and will be leaving Italy soon to return home. According to the USA Today Online edition: " – Amanda Knox left prison Monday, a free woman for the first time in four years, after an Italian appeals court threw out the young American's murder conviction in the sexual assault and stabbing death of her British roommate."
And, The case against Michael Jackson's Doctor presumed in a Loa Angeles court today. Thao Nguyen said defendant Conrad Murray told her he did not know key times and intervals, "from the time he found the patient was down to the time he made the 911 call. He said he did not have any concept of time. He did not have a watch."

Also, Apple is set to unveil its' newest Apple Iphone5 in the coming days! An article in USA Today informs of what we know about the newest device about to hit store shelves soon...or maybe it has already Hit stores! 

Well, This Rainy and cold weather is making me sleepy..I guess I'll go take a nap. Or , I may just get in the bed early today and hope for Brighter days tomorrow!