Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Tragic Tale of a Day

A great day to be outside! The Morning Rain gave way to the Evening Sun and a cool breeze blew in the air.
Today was a lackluster kind of day...Nothing really happened that stood out in my mind! Oh, I heard about a Northwest house fire that killed two people....and come to find out, They were Family Friends! So, It hit close to home a bit. The photo of the house is listed above, and you can read the article posted on

And, in other news, The Obama Administration is pressing forward with the Health-Care law...and it will be passed sometime next year. According to an article in the Online Washington Post:

" The Obama administration Wednesday asked the Supreme Court to settle the constitutional question over the 2010 health-care law this term, meaning that the decision will probably come next summer in the thick of the presidential campaign.
The Justice Department asked the justices to review the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta, which is the only appeals court to say Congress exceeded its power in passing the law. The law requires almost every American to have health insurance."
And, Tyson Fresh Meat is recalling a lot Beef because of an E-Coli scare!! According to an article in the Online Washington Post  " The recall involves beef sold as Kroger brands at Kroger Co. supermarkets; Butcher’s Beef at Food Lion supermarkets; and generic beef sold to SAV-A-LOT, Spectrum Foods, Supervalu and the Defense Commissary Agency, company spokesman Gary Mickelson told The Associated Press."

And, The trial of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's Doctor, got underway in a California court room. Prosecutors are claiming that the doctor sought a CPR machine a day before the death of the Pop Singer.  According to an article in USA Today" An attorney for the promoter of Michael Jackson's final concerts said Wednesday the singer's personal physician asked the company for life-saving equipment just days before the pop superstar's death."

Amazon is announcing a New Kindle to its' family line up...The Kindle Fire which will sell for about $199 will make its' debut on the web site in the coming weeks. According to an article in USA Today" For starters, playing with Fire will only cost $199, compared with the starting iPad at $499. The 14.6-ounce Fire has a fast dual-core processor, and a protective 7-inch Gorilla Glass display capable of showing off 16 million colors."

I can't wait for the New Kindle Fire to be released to the Public! I may have to break down to purchase this piece of technology and it is in COLOR TOO-Woot, Woot!! 
Well, I want to go outside to enjoy the rest of the daylight before night time...Until next time, Be Safe and to remember to care for all of us who inhabit this Earth!! We all deserve love, kindness and respect since we all have to live together on this planet we call Earth!! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

A cloudy, grey day today with periods of Rain, or maybe all day of Rain!! 

Let's see, I wanted to sleep all day but I had to wake up to run a few errands. This Rainy day is perfect for taking a nap or sleeping. But thank goodness, it is Friday!! I have several Events to attend this weekend, I will be very busy in which I am thankful for because I love staying busy!! 

In news today, I read an article in the USA Today Online Edition that states the Government is spending a lot of money and it is going to the deceased?! I am like...No wonder the United States's Economy is going South because we are wasting money on "Dead People!" As the first paragraph reads,
 "  The federal government has doled out more than $600 million in benefit payments to dead people over the past five years, a watchdog report says."

And, It seems that President Barack Obama's rating is going up with American people! He rates higher than Former George Bush but lower than Bill Clinton. But than again, President Obama was left with a bigger mess than Former Bill Clinton too! The USA Today article states
" , Americans tend to rate Barack Obama a better president than predecessor George W. Bush, but not as good a president as Bill Clinton, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll."

And, It looks as the Government is heading for a Shutdown if the Representatives don't come up with a solution soon. What is wrong with Congress these days? 
The Senate on Friday defeated by a vote of 59 to 36 a GOP-authored short-term funding measure designed to keep the government running through mid-November, ratcheting up the pressure on party leaders to resolve an impasse on federal disaster relief funds ahead of a deadline at the end of next week."

And, In Celebrity news today, Vesta Williams has passed away! She was a R&B singer. According to TMZ, Prescription pills were found in her hotel room but it is not confirmed as to how she died.

And, The Jury has been seated for the Trial of Conrad Murray, Cardiologists, accused in the death of Pop Singer Michael Jackson.  Conrad Murray " has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter. Prosecutors say he acted negligently in injecting Jackson for insomnia at his home with propofol, a powerful anesthetic used in operating rooms. If convicted, Murray could be sentenced to up to four years in prison."

Later in the evening, My neighbor called to inform of a beautiful Rainbow in the sky! But when I ran outside, I didn't see a Rainbow but the sky did look pretty during the rainstorm, and the evening had an orange glow as well. It didn't last long though as the sun set and night time befell upon the Earth.  Nature produces the most beautiful Art work!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Memories

it was a cloudy, grey day today with temps a bit cool-Thank goodness the Heat and Humidity are a distant memory now as we head into the Autumn season! And, The leaves will be changing color and the Earth will be awash in brilliant colors.

 Today, I was very busy running errands to the store and driving around picking up people to carry them this place and that place! A very tiring day indeed but it was fun to be doing something because an idle mind is the devil's playmate as I always say. Also, I need to take a vacation soon and I am thinking of travelling to Hawaii to visit the Brand New Disney Resort known as Aulani. Here is an article on the Disney Resort, and it looks really Beauitful!! If I love visiting Hawaii, I may decide to relocate to the Aloha State Permanently!! :-)

Well, It is nice to dream...They say Life is made up of dreams and Disney is where All Dreams are made possible. The Magic of Disney!! If you'd like to make a reservation at the Aulani Disney Resort, click here.

And, Tonight at Midnight, QVC had the premiere of the Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR 12.2MP Camera w/ 2 LensKit & Access. This is a Sweet Camera and not a bad price if you ask me! I would purchase this camera but I love my Fujifilm Digital Camera that I purchased from QVC several years ago.

And sad news to report, My prayers go out to the Kennedy family as they have lost a member of their family today. According to an article in USA Today, " The eldest of the senator's three children, Kara Kennedy died Friday at age 51 after collapsing following her daily workout at a Washington health club. The cause of death wasn't immediately released."
  And, In Boxing News today, It was a battle to the finish when " Floyd Mayweather knockedWBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz out near the end of the fourth round with a left, then a right hand while Ortiz appeared to be apologizing after an intentional head butt."

A great article in the USA Today regarding those "Senior Moments" 

" New research finds that losing your train of thought or forgetting where you placed your keys may be a fairly benign -- albeit annoying -- sign of age. But having trouble remembering what happened a few minutes ago, or getting lost in familiar places, may be more serious."

Well, It is getting late, and I have to get ready to go fix dinner. Hmm, What shall I fix today? I am thinking of driving over to Tokyo HIbachi to get some Fried Frog Legs, Mm, Mm Good! But then again, I may just settle for some good 'ole KFC!! Whatever I decide for dinner, It will be scrumptiously Delicious!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ahhh, A Wonderful Day

Hello Everyone, and I hope all are having a wonderful Friday thus far?! I know I am!! It is such a beautiful day outside today...The kind of day to take a walk in the Park holding hands with your loved one!! And, Those that don't have a loved one, A walk in the Park to reflect on past memories or let your mind wander into a daydream!

Anyway,  i managed to create another Digikit today titled " El Otono De La Gracia" which means "Autumn Grace>" I love the colors of Autumn and the cool breezes blowing in the wind! This Kit would be perfect to scrap all those lovely Autumn photos...and maybe other seasons as well! Download the Kit here.

Well, It is too nice of a day to sit at this computer..So, I guess I'll go outside to enjoy this beautiful weather. I may go for a scenic drive to any where....Until then, Peace and have a great weekend!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10th Anniversary of 9-11

The weather outside is gloomy, dreary and dark from all the Rain! Also, A rumble of Thunder can be heard roaring in the sky! A great day to just lie in the bed and sleep the day away...But I had to wake up!

 And, I am glad that I did wake up because I found out that my Graphic page was selected as FSB today...and on the day we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of 9-11! Here is the web page where my Graphic page was featured above...But what tears stream down my face, was all the lovely comments left by the DaisyTrail members! I literally cried after reading each and every comment...A very emotional thing to me! Thank you to all of the DaisyTrail Members who left comments and praised my creation..I am sending a Virtual Hug to all of you! :-)

Every major News Outlet did a Special Report on the 10th Anniversary of 9-11. We will Never Forget that Tragic day and will remember the people who have lost their lives in a senseless act of Terrorism. The NY Times had a great article on the 9-11 event, and I like the Headline which read " A Day Thay Stands Alone"

And, In other news, The Ravens vs Steelers football game was today! The Ravens whipped the Steelers butt by a landslide-Go Purple Pride!! A great article in the Baltimore Sun Online Edition 

May you have a Blessed day today and I am sending my Prayers to all the families who have lost a loved one in the 9-11 tragic event that occurred 10 years from today...We Will Never Forget!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Owl


"There came a gray owl at sunset, 
There came a gray owl at sunset,
Hooting softly around me,
He brought terror to my heart."
                                                     — Pima Song
Terror poised on a tree branch, he swoops silently out of the shadows upon a victim unaware of his presence until, with a thudding impact, powerful talons crush its flesh. A curved beak flashes. A quivering end to one life brings sustenance to another.

Owl's extraordinary nocturnal hunting abilities have inspired more fear, reverence and story-telling among Native Americans than almost any other figurative animal but Coyote. Nearly universal among tribal lore, owl tales reveal a sharp eye for ecological detail and a complex worldview embedded in the intricate weave of Native American storytelling.

With fringelike leading-edge wing feathers that muffle the turbulent sound of wind rushing over wings common to other birds, owls descend in eerie silence upon their prey. And eyes with a retina equipped with an abundance of rod cells capture light for nighttime hunting. These capabilities inspire haunting Native Americans tales linking owls to death and ghosts.

Yet owl myths also reveal complicated tribal worldviews in which traditional Western-society concepts of good and evil give way to ambiguous, contradictory and unpredictable forces of nature. Feathered ghost, protector of abused children, transformed monster, part witch, part keeper of souls — Father Owl assumes a baffling array of fierce, yet wisely just guises in tribal mythology. He's often used as a spiritual foil to illustrate the value of reverence, obedience and right behavior — making him a favorite in the instructive world of children's bedtime stories.

Parents receive instruction right along with children. For instance, in a tale belonging to the Tewa people, a disobedient boy sneaks out at night to watch his elders in the kiva. His father catches him, beats him with a stick and sends him into the darkness, where the boy cries and moans. Father Owl glides out of the night and lands before him, telling the boy to get on his back. Father Owl carries the child back to his nest filled with his own fledglings. "This is your new home," says Father Owl. "I took you away from your mother and father because they were always scolding you."

When the boy's parents discover their son is missing, they regret beating him and begin searching for their lost child. After a time, seeing the parents nearly dead from despair, Father Owl lets the child return to his home on the high pueblo.

At first, the boy's parents don't recognize him — he has started growing feathers and his eyes are turning yellow like his owl brothers and sisters. Father Owl tells the parents that the boy must stay in a locked room

for four days. After sunset on the fourth day, they may look in, but if they open the door before then, the boy will belong to the owls forever. 
But eager to see her son, the mother can't wait, and on the morning of the fourth day, she peeks into the room. That night, when the parents open the door, they find not their son, but a large owl flying from one corner to the other.

Overcome with sadness, the father says, "My poor boy, your mother was bad for looking too soon and now you are an owl."

The owl nods.

"But if the enemy approaches or sickness is coming, you may come and warn the people," the father says. And the owl, who was once a boy, flies off into the night.

So rather than simply concluding that children should always obey their parents, this story also illustrates why parents should not whip their children and explains why an owl's call is often taken as a warning.

All Southwestern Native American tribes have similarly complex — usually foreboding — stories about Owl, who often serves as a specter to keep willful children in line. In "The Mountaintop Way," a Navajo ceremonial tale, Owl Boy's human mother abandons him because of his fearsome nature. Spurned and rejected, Owl Boy kills a member of his tribe when he attempts to return to his Navajo family. The narrator intones, "He went to them, but they were afraid of him: his big eyes, his long sharp fingernails, his voice that sounded like the wind playing a flute in a hollow tree."

Most Native American tales also use this fierce, night-haunting predator to illustrate death, witchcraft and prophecy. The owl's ghostly approach, keen vision and eerie nighttime habits prey on humankind's fear of the dark and the unseen. Moreover, the owl's strident, discordant vocabulary chills the soul and enhances its nocturnal image as a caller of death and singer of bad omens. The Apaches and Navajos believe that a hooting owl portends death and destruction. Historical records contain accounts of war parties or detachments of Apache scouts who would not fight if they heard owls nearby. To this day, a traditional Navajo will delay a journey if he sees an owl near his Hogan, and both Navajos and Apaches believe that if an owl calls your name, death is near. Similarly, Mojave, Tohono O'odham and Pima mythologies suggest that owls can hold the souls of the dead.

Many cultures tell grim stories to account for Owl's origins. For instance, one Navajo tale says that Owl is the child of one of the many monsters that once roamed the earth. In the Navajo creation story, Monster Slayer kills two winged giants called Tse'na'hale, which lived on Shiprock. After killing the adults, Monster Slayer transforms one of their bloodthirsty offspring into an eagle and the other into an owl to keep them from harming the Navajo people. Monster Slayer predicts the owl's nature and its place in the Navajo realm saying, "In days to come men will listen to your voice to know what will be their future. Sometimes you will tell the truth and sometimes you will lie." That note of ambiguity captures the complex, flexible and realistic role of the owl that animates many such tales.

The oldest owl fossils in North America date back some 60 million years on the Colorado Plateau. Of the 133 species of owls found worldwide today, only 19 species live in North America. Southern Arizona, being the northernmost migratory range for several owls, hosts 13 species — more than any region in the United States or Canada.

Unlike most birds, the owl sees exceptionally well in dim light. Moreover, the owl's disc-shaped face acts like a radar dish, catching faint sounds in a wide range of frequencies. The owl's hearing is so acute, it often locates its prey in the dark undergrowth by sound alone — perching and hooting to panic mice and rabbits into betraying their position. Another oddity is the owl's ability to swivel its head 270 degrees, which gives it wider range of motion to detect prey without moving and giving away its position. Add to these, the owl's ability for ghostly flight, and you get a most successful predator. The owl's flight is almost soundless thanks to the serrated edges of its leading feathers and the muffling effect of its downy upper surface feathers.

     Native Americans made adroit use of many of these remarkable qualities and often embedded such keenly observed details in their tales. For instance, the Hopis use owl feathers on their arrows to make the shafts fly silently and strike without warning. And Tohono O'odham medicine men, called "owl-meeters," would discover where the enemy could be ambushed — relying on the owl's uncanny powers of observation of the unseen. "Hoot owl medicine man, cut the arrow feathers of this my enemy," the warriors would implore. "Gray owl medicine man, come with me! Yonder find my enemy and make him helpless!" 
The Hopis also venerate the great horned owl, who is the protector of peach orchards, reflecting the owl's skill in keeping rodent populations in check. The great horned owl also plays a prominent role as a Hopi katsina pantheon, but since it is a symbol of the dark, its feathers are not used on prayer sticks, which are offerings to the sun.

In the end, the picture of Owl that emerges from the fascinating wealth of tales remains as complicated, imaginative and mixed as the world itself. One of the most interesting and delightfully ambiguous tales is the Zuni story that explains how the world was divided into light and dark. In the Zuni tale — echoed by many other cultures — the birds and the beasts played a game to set the pattern of day and night. The birds played for day — for like human beings most birds are creatures of the daylight. However, the beasts played for night — the time when the mountain lion and other predatory mammals rule. However, among the beasts Squirrel took the side of the daylight-loving birds while Owl played with the night-loving beasts.

The game went on all night with each side trying to guess where the other had hidden a set of sacred sticks. As the sun came up, the birds had the most sticks and so won the sun's daylight. Bear ran off for the cover of darkness and in his hurry put his moccasins on the wrong feet, which is the way his feet still are today. Mountain Lion's fur was tinted golden with the sun, leaving only his mouth black to show his connection to the night.

Meanwhile, the children of the sun, War Twins, chastised Owl for playing with the beasts and said, "you have not stayed among the winged creatures. You have made a mistake. Therefore, you have lost the sun's daylight."

To this day, the owl prowls his dark domain, the soul of the night and keeper of secrets. But sometimes, if you listen closely, you may hear a warning in his haunted lament.

I am the owl.
I sit on the spruce tree.
My coat is gray.
I have big eyes.
My head has two points.
The white smoke from my tobacco can be seen
As I sit on the spruce tree.
The little rabbit comes into sight,
Nearby where I sit on the spruce tree.
I think soon my claws will get into its back,
As I sit on the spruce tree.
Now it is dawn, now it is dawn.
The old man owl's head has two points.
He has big, yellowish eyes.
We see white smoke from his tobacco.
Ho, ho! Ho, ho! Ho, ho!"

— A Navajo song

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain and Floods in the area

A dark, cloudy day today as a rumble of Thunder can be heard in the sky and the Rains pour forth from the Heavens drenching the Earth and causing Floods that wash out roads, highways and destroy people's homes! it has been raining all week and the storms have become intensified as well!
Here in Maryland, The Rainstorms have prompted Authorities to evacuate whole counties in low lying areas to higher ground, as a story in the Baltimore Sun Online Newspapers.

And, In good news, Grand Prix has boosted revenue for the City of Baltimore, according to an article in the Baltimore Sun!

But the Big News of the Week..The rain that has been pounding the East Coast and causing Floods in Pennylvania, Maryland and all the way up to New York!! An article in USA Today explains this weird weather the East coast is experiencing..

And, The Tenth Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is this weekend..and all the major broadcasters, print and Magazines are celebrating with commemorative editions and making sure that the Terrorists don't win or cause another attack on US soil! A USA Today article highlights this occasion.

Well, I have to go run some errands for today...and as i gaze out the window, I see that the day is starting to get dark and I can hear the rumble of Thunder outside which means another Rainstorm!! And, It also means..MORE FLOODING for the EAST COAST!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Happy labor Day everyone, and I hope everyone is enjoying the time off from their Labors! LOL!

I have been busy working in the garden preparing it for the end of Summer. Also, I have created another Digikit in which I really like titled " Seeking To Bloom!" The Kit contains beautiful elements, lovely papers, lots and lots of Frames! I think I must have gone overboard with creating the Frames?! But they are truly Beautiful and I can't wait to see what you do with them! I have added the frames as embellishments within the kit. Download the Kit "Seeking to Bloom here.

I know I am early in wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day but I wanted to say it today in case I forget. I will be very busy and may not have time to update the Blog.

Enjoy, and until next time, Stay Safe my Friends! :-)

Friday, September 2, 2011

labor Day Weekend

Another Beautiful day to the start of a Holiday weekend-Labor Day! The sun is shining in the blue skies as a cool breeze is blowing in the air. A great to be outdoors having a cookout or enjoying the pre-festivities of Labor Day!

I created this graphic page to celebrate Labor Day...I hope you enjoy?

In news today, A woman has committed suicide in a Calif. Mansion and the family is upset. Check out the article in the USA Today.

Pres. Obama is deciding against a tougher Ozone Standards " President Obama decided Friday not to raise federal ozone standards for air pollution, causing a rift with environmentalists but winning praise from industry groups and congressional Republicans."

And, another Earthquake has hit Virginia! I am like what is up with Mother Nature these days? Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Tornadoes all in the same month-August has been a busy weather month! According to an article in USA Today " The shaking created by a magnitude-5.8 earthquake that shut down a Virginia nuclear power plant was greater than what the plant had been designed to withstand, based on preliminary analysis, an executive with the company that runs the plant said Friday."

And, This is the start of a Three day weekend for most people-Labor Day is Monday but let the festivities start early! I'm sure for some people it may be a 4 day weekend of Celebrations!! And, Maryland will Host the Grand Prix Racing in Downtown Baltimore! In my opinion, This is just a waste of time and money, but Race Fans will enjoy this event!! According to an article in the Baltimore Sun Online Newspaper Edition: " Powerful engines thrummed in the Baltimore Convention Center and tens of thousands of racing fans wandered through a maze of grandstand Friday morning as spectators and drivers awaited the first races of theBaltimore Grand Prix.
Organizers delayed the start of racing by four hours, due to last-minute issues with the metal fences surrounding the downtown streets that have been transformed into a race course for the three-day festival."

I have just posted a Brand New G1 cellphone to Ebay! It is a Smartphone and runs on the Android system. It is also the FIRST Google/Android Cellphone!

Well, I have some errands to run before the sun sets on this perfect day! I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Holiday weekend! Happy Labor Day everyone!!!