Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday before Labor Day Weekend

WooHoo We made it to another Friday and that means weekend Fun Time!! 
This week flew by so FAST and i can't believe it is the end of August and also this is Labor Day Weekend here in America!! So, A loooooong weekend!! 

And of course, I have no plans but my schedule is like the wind and can blow in any direction. So, I never know what I'll be doing this holiday weekend! 
I did manager to run some errands and take care of some business before coming back home to log onto the computer to do some Online shopping. I am so addicted to Online shopping and so much Faster and you can do it from the comfort of home rather than going out to the store and dealing with the crowds. Thank goodness for Online Shopping...woot woot!! 

And, I had to get a little creative cause a day without creating is a day wasted as i always write and say. You can view the pages above and below this post. 
Well, I have to go take care of some errands before the sun sets. Have a Blessed Day and a wonderful weekend!! 

CT page for Sensibility and Render Art stores 

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