Friday, December 5, 2014

A Holiday Friday

Happy Friday and we made it to the weekend, woohoo!!
And, This is the start of the Holiday Season as well...and i love the holidays!! All the Christmas lights aglow, the stores are decorated so pretty  and people are so friendly. Love the Holidays!!

 I haven't put up X-Mas tree yet and still debating on whether I should or not? The only thing about putting up a lot of decorations is you have to take them all down after the holidays.  I think I'll just enjoy other people's decorations and then guess how much they're electric bill will be for the month, Hehe.

 Also, I am noticing a lot of people are dying all around me and with my Facebook friends. This must be the season when people are passing....and I just recently lost my Aunt over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Today is a rainy and cloudy day the kind of day to just lie in bed and sleep all day. I love rainy days though and I love sleeping too!!
Well, I gotta go and take care of some personal business so I wish everyone a great day and happy weekend. Remember to be kind to everyone who meet cause you never know what ails them.

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