Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday leftover snow

Happy Weekend and I hope all had a productive past week. I know I did and I am ready to kick back and relax for the weekend. Actually, I have work to do this weekend so not too much kicking back with me, hehe!! Oh well, I will make the most of it and keep a smile on my face!
 We received the BIG Snowstorm for this Winter of 2015...a whopping 9 inches of snow fell to the ground...It was so beautiful!! I can't complain about this winter cause it has been kind of mild except for very COLD Days!!  I'm glad we got a whopper of a snowstorm towards the end though cause I am ready for Spring...Bring it ON!!! 

Well, I gotta go run some errands and maybe play in the leftover snow on the ground. So, Have a Blessed Day and remember to be kind to everyone who you meet cause your smile maybe just the thing to turn their gloomy day into a Happy Day!!
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