Friday, July 24, 2015

Last Friday in July

Hidey Hoo and happy Friday to you all and I hope all have a Great weekend!! 
It's been awhile since I wrote anything on the Blog cause I have been super very busy in my personal life and work life!!   First, I am trying to find another job cause I need more we all need more money Right?!  
Second, I need to move cause I am feeling depressed and I need a change of scenery.  I want to move to Cayman but it doesn't look like it will my next choice is Hawaii!!  But in all actuality, I just want to live on an Island and could care less which Island..It could Bermuda or whatever!! Well, maybe not any Island cause I have no desire to live in Jamaica, Hehe!!! 

Well, I am thru talking about my dilemmas... How about some Happy news!!  I am still single and ready to mingle!! Haha  Actually, I am not ready to mingle cause I am happy with life NOW and how many people can truly say that about their life!  
Anyway I hope all have a Great and Blessed Day and stay safe over the weekend!! 

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