Monday, May 16, 2016

A Gorgeous Mon-day

Happy Monday and I hope all had a relaxing weekend, or attempted to have a relaxing weekend. I know I had somewhat of a relaxing weekend but I can't complain cause at least I'm alive to see Monday!!!  I read a lot of Facebook post informing of people dying and committing suicide. It seems a lot of people are hurting in this world and don't know where, or who, to talk to about their problems so they commit suicide thinking it is the answer. 
Anyway, I am submitting my resume seeking a new job cause I am tired of working at my current job. I need a change of employment in my life cause I feel like I'm not growing, or maybe I've accomplished all I can accomplish at this job and time to move on to greener pastures.  I did submit an application for a job on the Cayman Islands but I doubt I will get the job but one never knows right?!! 
Well, I have to go take care of some personal errands and maybe cut the grass later this evening. A great day for cutting the grass!!  So, Be Blessed everyone and pay it forward in all that you do today!! 

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