Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cold, Blustery Day

Happy Tuesday and i hope all are having a fantastic day thus far?! I would be having a great day if it wasn't so darn cold but at least the sun is shining in the blue skies!! I hate cold weather and I wish the warmer weather would come back soon.  But I'll make do as the seasons change.  
 And, This is turning out to be quite an election year-Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump-who will be the next President of the United States?!  I have a feeling Clinton has this position and will WIN it by a landslide!! 
And, My brother came up today for a training class for his job and is expected to leave today to make the drive back home. Also, He is planning on purchasing a new vehicle since his old vehicle needs repairs and major repairs too!! This weekend we will be celebrating his child's birthday although I'm sure they'll be celebrating it on Friday since that is her B-day!! 
Well, I gotta go and take care of some business. Hope all have a wonderful day and pay it forward in all that you do today. 

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