Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday before Easter

TGIF and Good Friday before the Easter Weekend!! 
A gorgeous day today with lots of sunshine and a cool, mild breeze blowing in the wind. A great day to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and admiring nature's beauty. As for me, I managed to take care of some personal errands like check emails, pay some Bills Online, do a little Online shopping and get some housework done. Also, My Mother was released from the hospital after having a big toe sliced in half. The doctors believed the best thing to do was cut the toe in half since an infection was in the bone. So, My mother is hobbling along with a foot cast and claims to feel no pain. And, My Brother came up from Virginia to assist and then decided to visit a childhood friend cause He was getting restless sitting around the house. He doesn't know what to do with himself and He is married with two kids. Actually, He nor his wife know what to do with themselves. 
And, on Saturday, My other brother will be visiting from Pennsylvania. 

In News, Trump is stirring up trouble with North Korea...and Kim Jung is informing the world a Big Event will happen this weekend. According to the news, The Big Event will be a firing of a missile. 
So, We wait and see what will the Big Event bring and whether it will be the start of World War 3. 

Gotta go and take care of personal errands before night fall. I like to get everything accomplished in the daylight so I can spend my nights at home.  Hope all have a Great Day and pay it forward in all that you do today. 

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