Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday, and I hope all enjoying the wonderful weekend thus far..I know I am!!
i managed to get a lot accomplished today from running around to the post office, to shopping at the Mall. And, I had time to create some art pages in which you can view below this post.  A day without creating is a day wasted!!

 The Tag to the side was created by a FB friend for me. I really love the Tag!!

In news today, I read where they have captured the Boston Bomber and is seeking medical treatment. Now that culprit is caught, Boston is slowly returning back to normalcy as an article published on the MSNBC site reads.

And, It is looking like the 19 yr old could face the death penalty, according to an article in USA Today Online edition. I guess this youngster will probably be wishing the police should have killed him as He hid in the boat.........but everyone is innocent until proven guilty by the Court system here in America.

I am thru talking about news but it will be interesting to see what awaits this young man aka the Boston Bomber in the coming days. The saga continues.....

And, on that note, I gotta run some errands and I may go see a movie tonight. So, I hope you have a Blessed Saturday.

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