Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday with snow

Happy Monday and I hope all are having a wonderful thus far. I know I am making the most of it even though I am at work feeling sick and after a couple of days of not being at work cause of the snow. it is days like this I wish I was born with wealth. Oh well, but then again, I enjoy working cause it does give me something to do during the day instead of sitting around the house.

  Also, I managed to do a little running around taking care of some personal errands, like grocery shopping, doing a little banking at the ATM; stopping at my Favorite place to grab lunch and then drove over to Starbuck's to grab a Latte before returning to work.
I'll be glad when this work day is over....I need to take a vacation, or rather, move to another State for some new scenery. I am getting bored of DC although I love living here and lots to do in our Nation's Capitol but sometimes one just wants a change in their life and I need a change in my life-A change to a new residency!!

Anyway, I gotta go and take care some business. Have a Blessed and productive day and make it count today.

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