Friday, April 25, 2014

A Wet Friday

WooHoo, We made it Friday and I can't wait to enjoy the weekend! It seemed to me that this week just went by so slow...moved along at a snail's pace!!  But I am glad the weekend is here and now time to unwind or relax.
 But I have a feeling the weekend will provide some work for me cause I have to do some yard work and tend to the garden. Plus, I have to do some spring cleaning around the house in which I am really late this year.
But then again, Spring was a bit late this year as Old Man Winter wanted to hang around a bit longer.

 Anyway, Today is one of the days where i just wanted to stay in bed and the weather didn't help much since it is a cloudy dark and ominous day. And, later in the afternoon, The Rain showers fell.
Yawn, I am getting sleepy now so I think I will end this post and go back to bed. Have a Blessed day and a Great Weekend!!

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