Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday woohoo

Well, It is beginning to feel like Spring after what seemed to be a looooong Winter!! I decided to decorate the Hoolah today with some lovely flowers as you can see in the pic above. They smell so Ono too!! 
Also, I had too drive over to the market to pick up a few things for dinner and the weekend. While I was shopping, I ran into an old high school friend with whom I chatted about old times.Don't you just love travelling down those old roads from yesteryear?!! 

After shopping, I drove back home-since I have the day off from work-to put away the groceries and log onto the computer. I had to perform some Online work, such as publish an article on the site
The Asphalt Angels Spring Car Show drives into Maryland...I will definitely be attending that event since I love looking at vintage and modern automobiles. I am such a car buff!! If you happen to see me about come on over and say "Hi" to me or better yet, why not give me a Hug!! 
And, A friend of mine is visiting China and has set up a blog to share his experiences. You can view the blog here.

Anyway, I am thinking of tending the ground today since it is a lovely day outside. I have to get the ground ready to plant my garden in the coming weeks. I don't know what to plant this year though? I know I want to plant some watermelon; cantaloupe and honey dew melons. Of course, I will plant the tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce like I did last year and they grew very well. I still have a freezer full of tomatoes and cucumbers!

Well, I have to go get dinner started and do some other things around the house. Have a Blessed Day and remember to be kind to everyone you meet cause you never know what battles they are facing and your smile could be the very thing to uplift their soul. Pay It Forward with Kindness!! 

A creative pic of DC

A Tag I created using a Poser by Erica...Visit one of the fine stores today to purchase or grab a freebie, today at Sensibility or Render Art stores. 

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