Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Winter/Autumn Tuesday

Happy Tuesday and I hope all are enjoying the day thus far? I know I am even though hard at work but I'm making the most of it cause that's all we can do. 
 Nothing much to talk about today except I can't wait to watch the State of the Union which airs tonight. President Obama will discussing his political agenda tonight. If you'd like to know more, visit the White House site here. 

Other than that, I am just trying to get thru this day and make it to the weekend. Oh, I almost forgot, I received two phone calls from potential jobs.  I guess the phone interviews will be rolling in NOW and maybe a NEW JOB for the New YEAR!!! 

On that note, I gotta go and get back to my current job...So, Have a Blessed day and remember to be kind to everyone who you meet cause you know what battles they are facing in their lives and your smile may be just the thing to turn their gloomy day into one of Sunshine!! 

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