Monday, August 8, 2016

Ist Monday of August

Hidey Hoo and i hope all are having a Great Monday thus far cause I am feeling like a day at the beach on this hot and humid day.  
My father is waiting for the insurance company to call as to what will happen with his vehicle that was destroyed because of  Sunday's Flood.  The interior of the vehicle was saturated with water and it will cost about $18,000 to repair and the vehicle is practically brand new with low miles!! So, The insurance company is deciding whether to repair the vehicle or purchase a brand new vehicle?  Decisions....Decisions!! 
And, in other news, I received a phone call regarding an employment opportunity now I just have to wait while they take care of the HR duties as to whether I will get the job. It's not the job I want but it's the second job on my list. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and praying that i get the job I really want to work. 
As the day progressed on it looks as though the sun is playing hide n seek with the clouds and the rain is about to come falling from the sky at any moment. Or, maybe a Summer Thunderstorm!! 
Well, I hope all have a Blessed Day and pay it forward in all that you do today. 

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