Friday, August 19, 2016

TGIF and no plans weekend

Hidey Hoo and I hope all are having a Great day thus far and getting ready for the weekend. I know i am although I have nothing planned for this weekend but my schedule is like the wind and can change at a moments notice.

 Well, I am keeping up to date with this election year and it is quite interesting and some intriguing candidates running for the highest office in America.  So, The question is will it be Trump or Clinton as the New President of America?  I am hoping it is Clinton since she does have the most political experience and knows how to deal with foreign leaders and won't go bat shit crazy in a time of crisis. My vote is for Hillary R. Clinton for President and she will make a Fine First Female President!!

 Although, I wish I could vote President Obama for a third term cause he did an excellent job as commander in chief and worked to restore the economy and kept America from fighting in any unnecessary wars unlike both of the Bush past presidents.  But no needing crying over spilled milk cause the president can't run for a third term.
 Well, i have to go and see what I can get into before the day ends. Hope all have a Blessed day and be kind to everyone you meet and TGIF!!!

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