Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday before Father's Day

TGIF and I hope all have a safe and fun weekend!! Also, This Father's Day weekend-on Sunday-and a time to celebrate all the Dad's and the mother's who take on father roles.  
And, Trump has made it harder for us to travel to Cuba and restricted America's business transactions with the Island.  Personally, I believe Trump is making it hard for competing businesses against his businesses.  America will be going down the drain soon and it will be destroyed from within.  We should have taken a lesson from that Italian Tycoon who destroyed Italy while his businesses flourished. 
Anyway enough talking about is a gorgeous day here although rain is expected later tonight and all thru the weekend. But at least it's cooler temps. 
Well, I have to go and take care of some errands. Hope all have a Blessed Day and pay it forward in all that you do today. 

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