Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Friday Friday

Hidey Hoo and we made it to another Friday...and that means time for some Weekend Fun!! Although I have no plans but my schedule is like the wind and can change at a moment's notice. My brother and his family are expected to come visit on Saturday so we can celebrate Mother's Day a bit early. So, That will be a lot of FUN!! 

And, I managed to get a lot accomplished today before the rain looks as though it may pour down at any minute cause the sky is getting grey and the sun has hid behind the clouds. I love Spring showers cause they don't last long. 
Nothing to talk about in the news or rather nothing I care to write about on the blog. So Have a Blessed day and I hope all have a great weekend!! 

CT Tag and I used the Poser by erica sold at Render Art and Sensibility stores 

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