Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Sunday

Happy Mother's Day and this is a day that all mothers should take the time to celebrate and be thankful for their kids, and husbands, as well.  
It is such a lovely day today with the sun shining in the blue skies as a cool breeze blows in the wind. A great day to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and mild temps. 
As for me, I had to take advantage of this lovely day by doing some yard work like tending the garden and planting some more flowers in the garden. 
We also celebrated Mother's Day with my mother....We gave her flowers, cards and a day off from cooking, Hehe!! Tomorrow My mother be back at cooking...but for now it is her day!! 

Well, I gotta go and take care of some personal errands. Have a Blessed Day and remember to be kind to everyone who you meet cause you never know what battles they are dealing with and your smile may be just the thing to brighten their day.

CT Tag and i used the Poser by Erica sold at Render Art and Sensibility stores. 

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