Saturday, November 1, 2014

A cold Winter Saturday

Happy Saturday and I hope all are enjoying the day thus far. I know I am even though I am freezing my butt off!! It was warm all last week and now the cold air has come in making it feel like Winter is on the way...Brrrrr!!! I hate winter and cold weather!!! 

Anyway, I managed to get a lot accomplished today. I woke early today like around 6 a.m. to log onto the computer to check emails, pay some bills Online and do a little shopping.  Then, I turned off the computer to turn on the cellphone to check emails and the social sites.  I took a couple of photos using the cellphone to post on the social sites as well. I am so addicted to my cellphone and wondered how do people function without a cellphone? I know I couldn't since i use it for everything!! I've become dependent on the cellphone!

Later I had to run out to do some errands, like shopping visiting with a friend and then drive to the post office before coming back home to log onto the computer to surf the Internet. I am also addicted to the Internet hehe!!  How did people function without the Internet in the past years?! LOL I am dependent on it for Everything as well!!

Well, I don't feel like writing too much on the blog cause I have some more errands to perform today. So, Have a Blessed Day and Be Kind to everyone you meet.
Oh, and before I forget, I found a cool Poser site and all the Posers are FREE!! Click here for Mitzies Posers

CT page for LTBCreations 

CT page for LTBCreations 

CT page for LTBCreations 

Trick or Treating this Halloween and received a lot of candy

CT page for LTBCreations 

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