Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday the 13th


TGIF and I hope all are having a great Friday and getting ready for the weekend?! I know I am ready for the weekend and my cousin is flying in from New Mexico to stay with us for the weekend. It will be great to see my cousin since it has been years. That's the only problem about having family residing out of State-rarely see them. 

In news, Trump is still president and making a mess of things. And, Paul Ryan will be retiring next January from Speaker of the House. He's retiring after he made a mess of things and secured a nice retirement plan for his family. These damn Senators could care less about our country and more about themselves.  I am through talking about news. 
I heard about a new social media site called Infinity! It is suppose to be the next Facebook but when I tried to log onto the site I get a site is down. I guess Infinity will be No More!!  So,  I"ll just keep my Facebook for now and feel free to send me a friend request cause I love see what others post. 

Don't feel like writing on the blog so I'll just say have a great weekend and Be Blessed. 

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