Sunday, April 29, 2018

N.Korea halts nuclear testing

Sunday Funday and I hope all are having a Great Day thus far? 
I am having a peaceful and relaxing day thus far.  My Brother came to visit for the weekend and drove back to Virginia today to be with his family. It was nice seeing him. 

In the news, Trump is still president and Pence is still VP.  Enough news cause that is the NEWS! 

And, I found a cool website with some awesome Free Digikits!! 

Oh, I forgot some other news dominating the headlines. 

"North Korean president Kim Jong-un recently announced his country has halted its nuclear testing program. While it is unclear whether this is a political move in preparation for meeting with the United States president Donald Trump, recent evidence suggests the country may have been forced to halt testing.
A recent study by a group of geologists discovered that the mountain used by North Korea for its nuclear bomb testing has collapsed as a result of the explosions. The collapsed mountain is raising concerns about radioactive fallout, which could make its way into China.
Scientists from the University of Science and Technology of China believe this could be the true reason North Korean President Kim Jong-un announced the halt of their nuclear testing program.
The collapse of Mount Mantap was a result of five recent nuclear blasts at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in northwest North Korea. The recent nuclear tests tore open a hole in the mountain, causing it "

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