Wednesday, July 4, 2012

America Celebrates

Happy 4th of July and I hope all are enjoying the Parades, Celebrations and delicious food this 4th of July!! I know I am...

In news today, it seems that America is celebrating its' Independence and Freedoms today!!  According to an article in USA Today Online edition:
  " The nation marked its 236th birthday Wednesday with parades, fireworks, an iconic hot dog-eating contest — and a cake-and-ice-cream party featuring new citizens at the home of the nation's first president."

In other news,Suha Arafat, the widow of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, is calling for a swift exhumation of her husband's body in the wake of recent reports that he may have been poisoned, Al-Jazeera is reporting." According to an article in USA Today Online edition.

And, The Heat and Humidity are still High this 4th of July with no signs of cooler temps in sight!! 
The severity of the heat wave can be seen in the number of warnings issued by the National Weather Service. By midday Wednesday, the service had given every county in Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio either a heat advisory or a severe heat warning." according to an article in USA Today Online edition. 

We had lunch here-Steak N Shake-located in Virginia. The food was good and reasonable. A great place to eat and enjoy oneself. 

Well, I am about to go celebrate the 4th of July now...Plenty of parades and good food to sample before the day is up!! In closing, I would like to leave you with an inspiration article printed in the Online edition of the Catholic Review...A very good read if I say so myself...A prayer for you as well

Dear God, I ask you to bless me, and to watch over me this day.
May my feet walk where my presence will be a glimpse of you.
May my hands touch someone in pain.
May my eyes always see the good in everyone.
May my ears listen only to words of praise and not to words that tear down.
May my mouth always speak the truth.
May my mind not judge others because they are different.
May I just be myself – a reflection of you.
May my heart be restless until it rests in you.
I ask this in the name of your Son and your Spirit for today, tomorrow and all my days. Amen!

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