Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SummerTime is Here

A warm Summer day today with the sunshining in the blue skies as a warm breeze blows in the wind. A great day to be outdoors if you enjoy Summer Time Breeze!!

Well, I haven't been able to log onto the Internet since Saturday because of a Thunderstorm that hit on Friday night!! The Storm knocked out the Electricity and I didn't have Television, Internet nor phone!! I felt like I was disconnected from the world!! But the service was restored today-Tuesday-and I was a Happy Camper now that i have my Internet service restored!! 
The storm produced winds at over 70mph which toppled trees onto houses, cars and in the middle of the street!! The Thunder was Loud and Frightening to the point that I had to hide under my blankets at night!! It was really a terrifying Storm and I hope we don't experience it ever again!! 

Also, I created some lovely graphic pages during that time I didn't have internet service...I was unable to upload until today though. I have posted the pages below for you to view.  
And, I downloaded a bunch of freebie digikits that were available... 

I guess I will keep this post short since i want to enjoy this lovely Summer Day!! Until then, Have a Blessed and Safe Day!!!

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