Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

Well, It was an Interesting day today at least with the weather. The sun came out and then it started getting dark as the Rain fell from the sky and then the sun came back out to dry up all the rain. Oh and did I mention, We had a Tornado Warning in effect as well. Interesting Weather Day!! 
As for me it has been kind of sleepy kind of day. I felt like just staying in bed all day but i had to get up and take care of some business matters and run errands. Oh, How I wish I could be a kid again when life was so much easier and less stressful....on second thought, I did have stress as a kid by deciding which toy to play with for the day, Haha!! 

And, I managed to create some lovely art pages in which you can view below this post. The Tag was created by a FB friend and I really love it too!! A Beautiful Tag but she put the wrong name on the Tag?! Oh well, My Temporary name is Gimme!! LOL

Anyway, Big Changes are about to start happening in my life....I may be moving from Charm City to Sin City soon!!! It would be exciting but i am thinking about all the work, from moving, packing things in boxes and the funds spent to relocate...whew it is mind boggling but exciting at the same time!! I will keep you informed  as to what decisions I decide to make. 
And speaking of moving, A Facebook friend, Lori Widing, drove across the good "ole USA and is now living in Michigan!!! Way to go Girl!! 
And, I still don't have any plans for the Fourth of July?! But then again, The Fourth falls on a week day so it may be kind of hard to do anything since it is not a weekend!! But my schedule is like the wind these days and can blow me any place at any time!! 

I have to go now and run some more errands but enjoy the art pages and Have a Blessed Day!!

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