Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday woohoo

WooHoo We made it to another Friday and time for the weekend!!! Once again, I have no plans but my schedule is like the wind and can blow in any direction.
 But I did manage to get a lot accomplished today before the start of the weekend, such as drive to the market; post office, Home Depot to pick up a few supplies and then had lunch with a friend at my Fav place to eat...Hibachi Grill Restaurant. I love the buffet style eateries the best cause I can get as much as I want....

 Didn't read too much news today and quite frankly could care less. I'm so sick of hearing about that missing Malasia airplane. I am like Give it a Rest the passengers aboard that flight are dead now let's stop wasting time searching for that plane and move on...But then again, I am sure the loved ones want closure and maybe proof that the passengers all perished aboard the jet.

Anyway, I gotta go and take care of some business and I want you all to have a Blessed Day and an even Wonderful Weekend!!

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