Sunday, March 23, 2014

Glorious Sunday

Happy Sunday and i hope all are having a wonderful day or at least enjoying the weekend in your part of the world. I know i am having a blast this weekend....
 I managed to do a little yard work since it was a lovely day on Saturday. I had to trim a tree-I wanted to trim it before the leaves start growing on it. I figured the best time to do it is when the tree is bare of leaves and it was easier.
Plus, It is good exercise and gave me a chance to be outside enjoying the rays of the sun and somewhat cool breezes.  That was a two day job trimming the trees.

Also, I had to drive over to the market to pick up a few things, then stop pass the post office to drop a letter in the mailbox before coming back home to fix dinner. I am thinking of painting my Den but i don't know what colour? I have an idea of what colours either purple or beige, Hmm? I still have a little time before I tackle that job.
Well, I gotta go fix dinner so have a Blessed Day!!

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