Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Forward this weekend

WooHoo, We made it to Friday and time to have some weekend Fun! Although, I have no plans but my schedule is like the wind and can change at a moments notice. 
I manage to get a lot done before the start of my weekend...and I am thankful for that too!!  I need more money though...It seems I never have enough money to get the things I want or need?! I guess I will be applying for a part time job soon, and it is a good thing the weather is warming up a bit and the winter is about to be Spring!! Good-bye Winter and Hello Spring!! 

Well, I gotta go and take care of some other business. Have a Blessed Day!!

And, If you live in America, Don't forget to Spring Forward this weekend!! Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday...We lose an hour of sleep but gain more daylight time

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