Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Free At Last from the Blizzard2016


The Snow Plow came today and removed the snow from the streets-didn't do a great job-but I'm glad they came and cleared the streets  I am NO longer stuck at home (No Cabin Fever)  Although, This Blizzard2016 is beautiful!!  I managed to take a couple of photos of the snow removed from the streets. The Only thing I love about the snow it makes everything look so pretty-Winter Beauty!! 

This is a pic of a neighborhood street that had been plowed. As you can see very narrow road and hard to pass another vehicle.  But I'm thankful they cleared considering the amount of snow. Blizzard2016

Well, Now that we are plowed out and can drive to wherever....I have no need to go any place and I'll just stay in the warmth of Home.  And, I have to check emails, do some Online work and maybe do some Online shopping.  
Thank goodness the roads got plowed when they did cause I was getting Cabin Fever BIG TIME!! 
I gotta go and I hope all have a Blessed Day!

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