Friday, January 1, 2016

New 2016 Year

Happy New 2016 Year!!! 
Well, another year has come upon us and with it comes the hope of New Things to Come!! Although when I look out my window I still see the same 'ole things from last year. LOL!! 
Oh and before I forget, sad news was reported today! The Legendary singer Natalie Cole passed away Thursday at a California hospital. She was 65. You can read more on Natalie by reading the USA Today article here

In other news, I woke up today to enjoy this lovely day even though it is starting to feel like Winter. I was really loving the mild days we had in December and was praying for a mild winter but I guess that praying didn't help.  But Keep Hope Alive!!
  I don't have anything planned this New Year's Day so I may just chill around the house. Thank goodness New Year's Day fell on a Friday and close to the weekend-WooHoo!! A three day weekend for most people although most probably had the whole week off from work.
Well, I gotta go and see what I can do to be productive. I hope all have a Blessed and peaceful day and celebrate the New 2016 Year!!!

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