Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday is Totally Cool

Happy Tuesday and i hope all are having a Fab day thus far. I know I am even though I am freezing my butt off in this cold weather and the weather forecasters are predicting snow flurries?! Although, it may or may not accumulate any inches.  But the wind is making it feel Zero degrees...Come on Spring and hurry to get here!! Actually, I wouldn't mind one BIG Snowstorm since December was mild....I need to take some snow photos for the year!! 
On another note, I had a wonderful New Year's and Happy New 2016 Year since I wasn't able to post on the New Year Day-I was busy celebrating and wasn't thinking about the blog, Hehe!!  
In news today, Tonight will be the last State of The Union for President Barack Obama since this is his last term as president of the United States!! I have to watch this tonight, and should be interesting!!  I may even record the State of the Union...

Well I gotta go and take care of some personal business...and have you noticed the days are getting longer now/ Although It still feels like night falls around 5pm but I have noticed the sunlight is trying to shine longer.  Anyway, Have a Blessed Day and pay it forward to all that you meet today. 

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