Friday, July 1, 2016

4th of July Weekend

TGIF...and I hope all have a Great Holiday Weekend!! That's Right we are celebrating 4th of July here in America!! Lots of Fireworks will be lighting up the night sky and plenty of cook-outs with delicious food set around the city.  
 And, for some, a three day weekend from work which means a short work week next week. 
A gorgeous day today with lots of sun and a somewhat cool, summer breeze blowing in the wind. The weather forecasters are predicting a Thunderstorm later this evening but one thing about Summer Storms they don't last too long!! 
Well, I will make this blog post short since I want to get outside and enjoy the weather before the rain comes and I hope all have a Great Day and an even better Weekend!! Also, Be Careful if you plan on igniting the fireworks so you don't get burned.  Happy 4th of July Weekend!! 

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