Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Exciting Life News

Hidey Hoo and i hope all are having a Great Wednesday so far. I know I am on this gorgeous Summer day. The weather couldn't be more perfect with less humidity and lots of Sunshine!!  Also, I may be getting a life changing experience soon....I can't say too much until I know the details. Let's just say it involves me moving out of America!!   I am so EXCITED and I hope I get to partake in this life changing event!! Keeping fingers crossed and I might as well cross the toes for added good luck, hehe!!  More news to come as soon as I know it is definite.
 And, I'm sure you all are watching the Republic National Convention (RNC) all this week. They have confirmed the nomination for Donald J. Trump in this year's election...which begins in November.   I am not that impressed with the RNC and the speakers are mostly has-beens or out of work actors looking to get back into show business.
 I am waiting for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to begin next week and when they secure the nomination for Hillary R. Clinton. I will be watching that convention.

 Anyway, stay tuned for the latest excitement that is about to change my life!! I am so EXCITED!!  Until then, Adios and be kind to everyone who you meet.

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