Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day after the 4th

Happy Tuesday and I hope all had a wonderful holiday-July 4th- weekend!! I had a somewhat quiet weekend although it was interrupted by the loud BANGS of Fireworks in the neighborhood!! I have to admit though the fireworks looked real pretty as they exploded in the sky but I could do without all the noise!! Now I see why my dog was terrified upon hearing the BANG of Fireworks at night. LOL!! 
Also, I am thinking of opening up a bank account with HSBC...If any one has any dealings with this bank please leave a comment on this bank is in doing business.  I need to look into putting my money into another bank with better interest. I need more BANG for the BUCK!! LOL 
Also, I am thinking of purchasing a NEW Coffee Maker cause I am in the need of some fresh brewed java!! I am thinking of purchasing this one here at Walmart.  If anyone has any suggestions on a good coffee maker please leave a comment or just email me with a great brand of coffee maker. 
And, It looks like Hillary Clinton is cleared of the emails...According to an article in the Chicago Tribune Online newspaper: 
"The FBI lifted a major legal threat to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign Tuesday, recommending no criminal charges for her handling of highly classified material in a private email account. But Director James Comey's scathing criticism of her "extremely careless" behavior revitalized Republican attacks and guaranteed the issue will continue to dog her."

Glad to see Hillary is cleared and can now continue on with her campaign for president of the United States!! I'd rather see Clinton than Trump get the President job for 2016!! 

And, It looks like the weather forecasters were wrong in predicting today's weather. A few forecasters predicted rain but instead the sun appeared and a warm, summer breeze blew in the wind. It turned out to be a great day after all....I can't say too much for the weather on July 4th since it rained for most of the day cancelling the fireworks shows in the DMV area.  But the shows have been rescheduled for today...So let the show begin!! 
Well, I gotta go and take care of some personal errands and I hope all have a Blessed Day and remember to be kind to everyone who meet cause your smile may be just the thing to turn their frown upside down. Be Kind!! 

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