Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tornado in Texas

Wow, It is a lovely day outside...and it feels like the perfect Spring Day!

 Anyway, I managed to get a lot accomplished today-Whew, and I am glad too!

Well, I heard over the news that a Tornado has blown thru Texas and caused lots of damage. My prayers go out to the residents, businesses and citizens of Dallas, TX and hope no casualties are claimed by the storm. This has been a weird year as far as weather is concerned-from Earthquakes, Mild Winter to Tornadoes....I wonder if the Wrath is coming true and will bring about the end of the world? Here is a photo-below-I managed to snag off of someone's Facebook page showing the Tornado hitting Dallas, Texas! Nature does provide some interesting photos!!
  Well, I just hope no casualties are claimed during this storm and y prayers go out to everyone in Dallas, Texas who are being affected by this Tornado!! And, If you'd like to read more on this Breaking News Story, you can go to USA Today Online edition here.

And, A familiar name is making the news once again.. A new book claims that OJ SImpson is Innocent of the murders of his Ex-Wife and Ronald Goldman. In a USA Today article, it states that " "When I tell you we have the weapon  we found the weapon in Jason's storage facility that he failed to make payments on," Dear told the website. "We know he carried it  his initials were carved in the leather sheath."

Well, This puts a new spin on the OJ Simpson verdict..and I wonder what Ronald Goldman's Father thinks of this new evidence?

In other news, or rather, book news, A Maryland Author talks about her new book which is set in the streets and neighborhoods of Baltimore. The same place that Edgar Allan Poe crafted his famous poems and television series The WIre" and "Homicide: Life on The Streets" were filmed.  In a USA Today article, the author talks about her new book. A passage from the articleThe Beginner's Goodbye is a ghost story. Its narrator, Aaron Woolcott, works for his family's Baltimore publishing house, Woolcott Publishing. After a tree falls on his house, sending a heavy, old-fashioned TV set into his wife's chest and killing her, he finds himself a widower. A gentle tale of memory, regret, family bonds, reconciliation and love, it explores Aaron's journey back from paralyzing grief, assisted by his wife's periodic reappearances."

In DC news, President Obama defends his remarks regarding the Supreme Court. According to an article in the USA Today Online edition, "The point I was making is that the Supreme Court is the final say on our Constitution and our laws, and all of us have to respect it -- but it's precisely because of that extraordinary power that the court has traditionally exercised significant restraint and deference to our duly elected legislature, our Congress," Obama told a group of newspaper editors.

When travelling, what is tax deductible? According to an article in USA Today, "Most taxpayers make one crucial mistake when deducting business travel expenses on their taxes: They don't keep receipts and written or electronic logs to support their claims."

Time to go...But first, I am thinking of making this for dinner-Sweet potato Casserole! It sounds really delicious and seems easy to prepare...Here is the web page for the recipe and enjoy! Adios for now and have a Great Day!!

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