Thursday, June 21, 2012

another Scorcher of a Day

Another scorcher of a day today...But I am not complaining because i prefer the Heat over the Winter any day!! I love the Sun rather than the Snow!! 
I created some lovely pages using a DT's members new Kit titled "Spice Sensation" and it is really a lovely kit too!! I love the colors mainly in the kit, a very earthy and delicious feel to the kit!! And, I created the page at the very top with my new kit titled "Cherri Blossom" and it is available for download and have a play!!

Nothing to report today..Oh yeah, I found out that one of my Father's friend's, or rather, a patient has passed away. She complained of feeling Bloated and when she headed into the bathroom....that is where she passed away quietly! Her Husband found  her passed away sitting on the toilet.  R.I.P OT Green!! '

I guess the lesson to learn...We know not the place where we shall die nor the time of day...So, We must be prepared to go at any moment!! Live each day as if it were your last!! 

I hope all have a Blessed Thursday and the good news, The Weekend is just right around the corner-woot,woot!!! 

Be Safe, Be Blessed and most of all Be Kind!!! For we all travel life's pathway but once, so you might as well be kind and spread joy wherever you go and with whom you meet in this life!!

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