Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Kaleidoscope kind of day

A cloudy day today and it looks as if it may rain later this evening...But it is still a great day to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and mild breezes.

 I woke up really early today like around 9am to take care of some errands, such as watering plants in the garden and did a little house cleaning before leaving for work. I wish i could win a Million dollars so I could do the things that i really want to do in this life!! But i can't complain because I am having fun on this roller coaster of Life!!
 I created some lovely graphic pages yesterday and posted to the social sites..I really like one of them and when I posted it to a friend's FB page, He liked it as well!! I was hoping He would like it because it was a creative photo and i wanted to see what I could create.. I am getting so addicted to this digital scrapping that it sometimes consumes my entire night..I end up going to bed really late/early in the morning. It is so Addictive!!!  But I can think of worse things that are addicting..So,I don't mind the Digital Scrapping!!
And, speaking of digital scrapping, I really love a New Kit titled "Harleuquin" created by a Daisytrail member!! I love the bright colors, embellishments and I really love the Papers!!  I posted the page below that I created using the kit...

Well, It is time to wind things down and go take care of some business...until then, Have a Blessed Day!!

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